Scope Of Mechanical Engineering In The Year 2022

Among all the Engineering specializations, Mechanical Engineering continues to be among the most popular ones. Recession and also a worldwide pandemic has not managed to slow down the Mechanical Engineering field. This multidisciplinary field involves the fields of Engineering with Physics, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and also Designing.

Universities like TOMS have reported a wide scope for this educational field. Students with both short-term and full-term degrees have found suitable employment in several industries and with major recruiters. To get a full understanding of the current scope for Mechanical engineering elaborated below are some job profiles, recruiters, hiring industries, and salary ranges.

Career Options After Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer: Most graduates from mechanical engineering colleges in Kerala aspire to work in the capacity of a mechanical engineer. This popular role involves working with large-scale machineries such as generators and tractors. Big refrigeration units in grocery stores are also worked on by a Mechanical Engineer. The engineer primarily works on designing and building said machines from scratch. The entire lifecycle till the product is sold and after-sales activities are also done by the Engineer. All different components of the machinery and the final product are continuously tested before launching it in the market for sale. The Engineer will also prepare the documents to use the machine and in doing so will earn an average salary of INR 3.5 LPA.

Design Engineer: Some of the best B. Tech colleges in Kerala offer diploma degrees in Mechanical Engineering that help graduates work in the capacity of a Design Engineer. The Design Engineer comes up with creative and different ways to build products that meet a client’s needs. They could also work on existing systems and products and modify them to work more efficiently. A major portion of their duties include researching and analyzing data on how a product is working and thereafter making changes. The Design Engineer makes use of Computer-Aided Design software to do the majority of his work. In the end, the engineer will write up a report with the results for upper management. To work in this role, companies offer INR 3.7 LPA average salaries.

Quality Control Engineer: In any manufacturing process, there is a need to monitor the quality. If the proper quality standards are not met, the product or machinery would be sent back and the entire batch would be remade. In the case of Mechanical Engineering, the job role that fulfils this need is a Quality Control Engineer. They are involved in not just the end part of the production cycle but all stages of manufacture. This engineer will also ensure that the materials and machinery are safe to use by the customers. If there are any issues, the Quality Control Engineer report the same to their manager. Most companies that have the role require a candidate to have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. The average salary for this role is INR 4 LPA.

Manufacturing Engineer: The role of a Manufacturing Engineer is quite similar to that of a Mechanical Engineer. There are differences, however, in the machinery or product being made and the company they work at. Overall, the Manufacturing Engineer works at designing, planning and implementing the manufacturing process. They look at ways on how to automate processes and make the whole process more efficient. How the products would be stored and how they would be accessed for sales later are also done by the Manufacturing Engineer. Along the way, they can also design and make the machinery to aid in manufacturing. Companies with this role offer a salary of INR 4.09 LPA.

Service Engineer: Many mechanical diploma courses in Kerala help students work in the capacity of a Service Engineer. The Service Engineers are given the responsibility for many areas of a company. Generally, they perform installation, maintenance and also servicing of equipment and machinery. If there are any breakdowns in the factory during production, the Service Engineer will perform repairs and come up with solutions for future problems. However, in some companies, they are given the responsibility of entire projects where the Service Engineer is responsible for sales, administration and also operations. These individuals have knowledge of blueprints and how machines work and in doing so earn around INR 3 LPA salary.

Engineering Project Manager: One of the highest-paid jobs in Mechanical Engineering is that of a Project Manager. They are a part of the Engineering team that overlooks a team of other engineers. The Project Manager uses their knowledge to make sure there is a collaborative and team spirit during the day-to-day operations. They will also take part in the design and development of project to its implementation and end process. The Project Manager, additionally, will take care of proposals and budgeting of the project. The Project Manager reports to the General Manager. This is an essential role to provide guidance to large-scale projects. The pay, on average, is around INR 12 LPA for an Engineering Project Manager.

Educator: To finish off the list of prospective job profiles, is that of an educator. Teaching is a noble profession, one that is placed in high regard in Indian society. Based on the education of the individual, bachelor’s or master’s teaching jobs will vary. With a bachelor’s degree, one might have to earn a B.Ed to start working. On the other hand, with a master’s degree, applicants need to attempt a national-level examination. The salaries for this role also vary depending on the nature of the institute, private or public.

Top Industries and Recruiters

Mechanical Engineers are required in many industries, both private and public. Since this is a role that is about construction and manufacturing, they are required in numerous companies as well. Some of the top industries and recruiters for Mechanical Engineers are as below.


  • Biomedical
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Power
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing


  • Force Motors
  • Tata Industries
  • Kirloskar Group
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • The Godrej Group
  • Ashok Leyland

Salary Range for Mechanical Engineers

To get an idea of what the salary graph for Mechanical Engineering graduates would be like, the average salary of Mechanical Engineers is considered. For starters, candidates with less than one year of experience have INR 2.8 LPA salaries. During the early career stage or between one to four years of experience, the average salary is INR 4.2 LPA. At mid-career or between five to nine years the average salary is around INR 12.21 LPA. A late-career is between the years of ten to nineteen where the average pay is INR 22.9 LPA. Then there are candidates with over twenty years of experience that has INR 25 LPA average salaries.

The best engineering colleges in Kerala have managed to place students in different industries and companies. Students work in Aerospace, Construction, Railways, Power, etc. There is massive scope for Mechanical Engineering both now and in the upcoming future.

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