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SEO Strategy For Lawyers: Legal Blogging [Benefits Of Legal Blogging]

96% of your potential customers turn to Google while seeking your services. Additionally, 72% of them only contact one attorney from their searches. So how do you stand out from your competitors? Read on.

Today, having a well-rounded digital marketing strategy can help you establish your brand as the authority within your niche. That’s where Law Firms SEO marketing comes in. 

Your online marketing strategy is incomplete without a regular presence on social media. Similarly, if you want your website to be relevant in the eyes of the search engine algorithms, you need to invest in legal blogging. 

Whether you decide to assign this task in-house or choose to outsource it to a great SEO agency for lawyers is a decision you’ll be confident to make by the end of this post.

Let’s understand why SEO services for lawyers include legal blogging and why it’s imperative for your website. Here are the three benefits of legal blogging.

Build Trust & Authority

We hate when someone cheats us. This fear is the main reason we search for case studies, reviews, or other tokens that establish authority on someone’s website.

Are they living up to their claims?

While you continue to win cases and establish your authority offline, blogging is one way to improve your website’s credibility. When your readers go through your blog pieces, it creates proof. This importance is why every established law firm SEO agency will provide blog writing as part of their SEO services for lawyers. 

Today, law firms SEO marketing includes all techniques and strategies to establish you as a thought leader in your niche. And for a good reason. 

Thought leadership involves becoming the go-to authority in your niche people come to for critical thinking provoking answers to their questions. 

Your blog can answer your potential client’s most searched questions. This way, even your customer who seeks your services see that you empathise with their problems. Not only that, you have the solutions to their problems. Imagine the traction you can receive.

Build Engagement

You’ve studied and practised law all these years, making you an expert in the field. However, your potential clients aren’t experts like you. Rather, they can quickly get overwhelmed with all the jargon and the reference cases they go through during research.

That’s why you must translate these legal concepts and break down landmark rulings within your niche. This way, your potential clients can consume this information easily and, in return, place their trust in you.

Suppose you have the time to do this, great! You’ve got a thriving blog with your thoughts published. 

However, suppose you decide to reach out to an agency that provides SEO For Law Firms. In that case, you can rest assured their expert content writers take over enhancing brand engagement by writing articles that solve your client’s problems in an empathetic and engaging way.

Build Relationships

When it comes to SEO strategies for lawyers, we can’t ignore the importance of blogs when we talk about expanding your reach.

As we mentioned above, blogs help establish your authority. Imagine the following scenario:

Your potential client is searching for a divorce attorney. You happen to have an insightful article on how Covid 19 and the lockdowns have exasperated issues within a marriage. Now, before your client reaches you for your services, they will likely turn to Google for a blog that could empathize with their struggles. 

Suppose you’ve invested in SEO strategies for lawyers. In that case, Google would serve your blog on how Covid 19 exasperates marital issues to your client’s query. This way, your potential client realizes you’re a lawyer who can sympathize with them, and that sympathy would fuel their urge to partner with you.

You need SEO for lawyers to create a blog that intellectually establishes you as the authority and establishes your credibility through shares. Your potential customers can help you expand your reach by sharing your blog posts on social media.

All these add to your organic growth campaign.


You need a law firm’s SEO marketing strategies to help you establish trust, credibility, and authority within your niche. In addition, SEO for lawyers can help you expand your reach and create higher brand engagements organically. While you can take care of all your SEO requirements internally, we suggest partnering with an established SEO agency for lawyers who can help you surpass all your online growth goals through their years of expertise. So, go ahead and partner with the right law firm SEO agency now.

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