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Are you a lover of the Disney animated series Gravity Falls? Do you want to learn more about the artist who created Gravity Falls? Would you like to know more about the animator behind this Disney series? If so, subscribe this blog post to find out more.

Shion Takeuchi is an internationally renowned animator. A lot of people around the world, particularly from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, want to learn the details about her life and her career and much more. In this article we’ll discuss Shion Takeuchi’s Wiki. the Shion Takeuchi Wikipedia.

Who is Shion Takeuchi?

Shion Takeuchi is an artist who draws famous for her work on Inside Out, Regular Show along with Gravity Falls. She is among the top storyboard artists working in the United States. The job of an artist on storyboards is to be the director and creator of animated television shows and films.

About Personal Life of Shion Takeuchi

Shion Takeuchi was born September 5, 1988 in a family living in Massachusetts located in the US. While there isn’t much known about her family, parents and acquaintances but we do know she was raised at Northborough, Massachusetts.

About Career of Shion Takeuchi

Let’s now take a glance at Shion Takeuchi’s Wiki Career as an artist of storyboards.

In the beginning, Shion Takeuchi was not particularly fascinated by animation and art. Takeuchi did not know much about digital art and visual arts but she did make a clerical oversight that Takeuchi considers to be the greatest and most clerical error of her life.

In reality, what transpired is that Takeuchi was planning to pursue another major, but because of an error in the clerical system her name was included on the School of Visual Arts program.

Takeuchi later graduated with a degree in Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. She was a part of a variety of animation films during her time. She was also employed at Pixar along with Disney.

About Shion Takeuchi Wiki: Awards and Accolades

Shion Takeuchi is a plethora of skill in character design and animation. She’s been working on her craft over many years, and is currently among the top storyboard artists from all over the globe.

Takeuchi was employed by Disney, Pixar, and other top names in the field of animation. Her abilities can be measured through the awards and recognitions she has won during her entire career.

Takeuchi was awarded numerous times throughout her career However, the most well-known award is probably the Best Comedy Shot Award she took home during the Animayo Film Festival, which is the highest-value event in the field of visual arts, animation along with video gaming in Europe. After we have learned about Shion Takeuchi Wiki: Awards Shion Takeuchi Wikipedia Awards, we can look through the work of her.

List of animated work by Shion Takeuchi

  • Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Shion Takeuchi was a part of Disney on the show’s second episode. Gravity Falls.
  • Regular Show – Takeuchi worked on two seasons of the show Regular.
  • Monster University – She worked with animators for the Pixar animated feature.
  • Inside Job Inside Job Takeuchi developed the comedy show Inside Out, which streams on Netflix.


Shion Takeuchi is one the best artists working in the field of animation. She has produced several amazing animations. Go to Shion Takeuchi’s Instagram page for more information.

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