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Shirley Stolp is a person. What happened to Shirley Stolp? Shirley Stolp is remembered with love and respect for her extraordinary life. Shirley Stolp died unexpectedly on April 16, 2023, in Spokane Washington, United States. Her sudden passing has left a void in the hearts of her friends, family and community. Learn more about Shirley Stolp’s journey by reading the Shirley Stolp obituary article.

Shirley Stolp s Journey

Shirley Stolp’s trip was long. It’s extraordinary. Her life began in Osaka Japan on the 14th of December 1960. After her birth, she was sent to an orphanage. Her destiny, however, had a completely different plan. Shirley Stolp was adopted by the Haidie and Shigeko hirai couples in 1963.

The couple is a beautiful Japanese-American from Washington’s Quincy. She was only two when she and her brother Ken were adopted. Shirley Stolp embarked on an unexpected journey that would leave an indelible mark.

Shirley Stolp Farewell

Shirley Stolp died on 16th April, 2023. The loss of Shirley Stolp left a hole in the community and her loved ones’ hearts. According to sources, Shirley’s father and mother Haidie and Shigeko Hirai were on their way to her death and she was left before her partner Douglas Stolp and brother Ken Hirai.

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Shirley Stolp Parents Family

Shirley Stolp will be remembered by her daughters forever. Shirley Stolp has both her own children and stepchildren. Kumiko Love Dempsey, and Jenny Love are the names of her own children. Shirley’s stepchildren include Colleen Brosey and Cordon Stolp. Her partner, children and grandchildren are deeply saddened by her loss.

Shirley Stolp – Shirley Stolp grew up HTML0

Shirley Stolp and her family moved from Haidie’s business to Chewelah in 1969 after Haidie started his own seed potato company. Shirley Stolp appeared at Jenkins High School in Chewelah. She found her passion for animals. Shirley joined the local 4H Club and bought her first pony – a beautiful Shetland pony.

She became interested in sports as a child . Her favourite sport is volleyball. She showed off her musical talent in the high-school band. From her early childhood, she was a remarkable person.

Shirley Stolp’s Career of Dedicated Service

Shirley Stolp began her remarkable life story in 1993 at the Valley Store, Chewelah. Shirley Stolp, who has been working at the Valley Store for more than 30 year, is the longest serving employee. Her sincere kindness was received by her customers, and she left many heartfelt remarks. Shirley Stolp was a valuable member of the community because of her kindness and dedication.

Connecting with Shirley Stolp’s Roots

Shirley’s life was changed in 2002 by an unexpected biography. Asahi TV, Japan, turns her life into a documentary. Her embracing story was featured on a new show. Shirley Stolp travelled to Japan escorted Douglas Stolp. She appeared live on a national television program.


The death of Shirley Stolp, an extraordinary woman, causes deep sorrow to her loved ones. May Shirley Stolp rest in peace. You can learn more about Shirley Stolp by clicking the link.

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