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Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Expert

As an entrepreneur, you need to reach out more customers in order for him or her to sell the product or service. Customers are key no matter the industry in reaching you online. Paid ads are going to generate fast results, but if you would like consistent growth over a long period of time then you need to do well in search engines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you slowly climb the ladder of the search engine rankings towards hopefully landing on page 1 the SERP. Please visit for more info.

Should You Hire an SEO expert?

Deciding to hire an SEO expert is not a small decision.
You’ve Never Done It Before
SEO can be very technical. If it sounds like complete gibberish to you – but you still want your rank on Google search improved now is the time for hiring someone who knows what they are doing.
There is tons of lousy advice on the internet about SEO, so doing it yourself can be extremely hazardous if you’re not sure what to do. You need to adhere to the best practices in white hat SEO that naturally increase your rankings without doing anything underhand (which breaches search engines’ terms of service). In our opinion Ralf van Veen is the best SEO expert if you want to know More about Ralf van Veen, please visit here.

You Have Resources

Regardless, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire an SEO agency, a little bit of budget is required if you want the SEO done right. Investing your marketing budget on content that is focused on SEO comes across as one of the best things to do since this will result into increased domain authority, brand recognition, organic traffic and new leads in addition to backlinks.
If you have the finances and are looking for an expert level skill set, outsourcing to a professional SEO specialist can save lots of time whilst skyrocketing your brand.Your Website Isn’t Getting a Lot of Traffic

If your website receives only 10 visitors per day, it could signal a need for an SEO specialist. If there is very low traffic it becomes almost impossible for you to rank well in SERP. It signals Google that your content or the experience of using it is not important and harmful to opportunities for good ranking.

Marketing Team is Busy

It’s going to be nearly impossible for you to out-rank other people in your niche who hired their own SEO experts. You can assign your internal marketing people to work on the SEO, but if they are already overworked, then working on an additional task like doing part of your marketing plan will be far from their minds.
Most marketing teams are moving a mile a minute because their schedule is packed with work for socials, landing pages, email campaigns , lead gen arguments strategy copywriting and more. All the work identified in that statement, very often falls upon one person when it comes to startups and small businesses.
Poor SEO performance is often the thing that prevents all of this incredible marketing work from being observed by new customers. Most of our clients approach SEO agencies such as ourselves in need of help because they are managing too many other things simultaneously. Fixing your SEO can turbo-charge results for everything else you do.

You’re Doing a Website Redesign

This one is quite straightforward — are you planning to refresh the website soon? If you’re revamping your site, this is an ideal opportunity to hire an SEO expert. These individuals can assist you in establishing a new website with SEO at the forefront every step of the way, improving your chances to rank well once the redesign is complete.


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