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Silent killer of wood-the Wood borers

Have you been noticing tiny holes in your wooden furniture? Is there a dust near your wooden articles? Does your hardwood flooring appear soft and weak? Then you have problem in your hands- there are borers in your house who have been active. The problem brought in by borers are plenty and severe infection makes it necessary to call professional Pest Control Kalkallo service providers who provide eradication with advanced techniques and tools.

About borers

These pests feed on wood and though some can be useful most are dangerous. The commonest variety in Australia is normal beetle. They are oval shaped and brown in color and they make 2-3 mm wide exit holes in the furniture. So if you spot one hole, do not waste any time, book in Pest Control Wollert service specialists who come and prevent any further damage by applying the right treatment. The sooner detection is done, the safer it is to safeguard your home and articles from further damage.

Signs of wood borer presence

Most pest infestation reaches stages of severity because homeowners fail to identify the initial signs of their presence and activity. Let’s see a few of them-

  • Frass or borer dust found beneath contaminated timber wood. These are made by emerging adult borers.
  • Eggs though not clearly visible to naked eyes are of varying sizes
  • Spotting the presence of adult beetles is rare.  They may be caught emerging from wood at different times.
  • Fresh exit homes in wood appear sharp edged and oval shaped.
  • Tunnels or galleries in the wood are difficult to spot.
  • Around contaminated timber or near windowsills dead beetles are sighted often.
  • When roof joists or floors seem to have crumbling wood along edges or corners
  • When there are sudden occasions of furniture leg collapsing through floor, this indicates there is severe infestation. This means there is borers and the weak and damaged floorboards is due to this borer attack.

Borer Pest Control

Borers are dangerous and they proliferate and create havoc to structural elements. It is absolutely necessary to book in specialistPest Control Doreen services as they have the technical expertise to bring in complete eradication before damage progresses. Borers are at the most harmful when in their larva stage. They spend the longest period of their life cycle in the affected timber as grub or larva, causing structural damage inside the timber. The larval period lasts inside the wood and can be as long as two years. The professional service providers use organic treatment solutions and modern equipments to eliminate the borers. 

Professional Pest Control Wollert service providers always advise that timely and effective treatment can go a long way in minimizing accidents and prevent you from losing valuable items of household and personal use. These services understand the safety of homeowners and their pets and children and with minimum interruptions restore the healthy equilibrium of the home making it pest free.

After an initial call, team members arrive and assess the area and scale of damage. They identify the source. Then an inspection report is made, on the basis of which treatment plan is suggested. On an appointed day trained qualified technicians come with treatment chemicals and equipments and give the application. Two weeks after the first visit, the technical service team comes for a re inspection to the residence and assess status of improvement. If necessary they can re apply treatment and make sure borers do not return. 

Checking for borer activity

Borer activity may be assessed by drawing a circle or ring around any entry or exit holes near or beneath affected timber. This should be observed at an interval of three months. It is normally taken that the borers are inactive if there is no new holes. But if there are new holes, this implies there is activity. 

Old items of furniture and structural wood like timber floors are prime targets of these wood loving borers. So when you bring in old or even antique furniture or those that have been lying in go down, you also risk the potential of borer entry in your home. Fine borer dust coming out of holes in often released if you accidentally knock a portion of infected timber.

Health risks to human from borer activity

Borers or common furniture beetle produce rashes and bites during infestation, which is not caused by the insect directly but the parasite called Scleroderma Domesticum that feeds on the beetle larva that is likely to bite. The symptoms produce discomfort and the bites swell up for a few days many times becoming painful requiring medical care. Another parasite called Pyemotes Ventricosus feeds on the larvae and causing rash in humans when they happen to handle furniture with beetle infestation.

These parasites take shelter in upholstery like chairs, sofas and couches. They also inhabit cupboards, closets and wardrobes. So the first time you sense borer activity, it is best to engage Pest Control Doreen service experts who do professional eradication with permanent solutions safeguarding your health and property.

Protecting your trees from Borer attacks

Borers look for soft old trees that are on its way to decline and the best way to keep your trees borer free is to keep shrubs healthy. While planting trees, ensuring care so as to not wound the tree is very important. Also care should be exercised while mowing around trees.

Quick tips on how to eradicate wood borers

You can never take borer presence or activity lightly as they can cause serious damage to wooden structures, floors, doors, furniture, wooden roof frameworks. To minimize their presence following a few practices can be very helpful-

If you have an infected wood, removing it immediately is important so as to prevent it from spreading to other areas.

Seal all crevices and cracks on wooden surfaces to prevent wood borers from laying their eggs.

Keep wooden articles, furniture dry as wood borers love moisture.

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