Skills every online English teacher should have

Millions of students and professionals are engaged in some form of online classes, and what works in a traditional classroom setup may not always translate well in online classes. Thus, you need a good online English tutor – one who’s professional and understands what works best in virtual classrooms. Needless to say that this requires a slightly different set of skills than what they’d typically need for in-person training.

So, when you opt for an online English speaking course in India, they’d rope in new technologies and design lesson plans suited for remote classes, instead of setting up a physical classroom. That being said, let’s take a close look at some of the teaching skills that the best online English trainers implement to make learning fun and effective.

Skills to look for in any online English teacher

Wondering how you can improve your English speaking skills? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a brief lowdown of some of the much-needed skills that you should expect from your online English teacher.

  • Effective use of TPR: The word TPR stands for Total Physical Response. It is basically referred to the use of hand gestures and body movements to help students learn in a virtual setting. Consider TPR as the way to bring lessons, concepts, words, and sentences to life. Hand gestures are a great way of getting the point across, but clearly, this doesn’t need someone to act like a clown.
  • Facial expression and tone: During any conversation, especially during online classes, facial expression and the tone of the teacher’s voice grab the student’s attention. In fact, it goes the other way round as well! A student’s facial expression gives the teachers an idea of whether or not they are following the class properly. Moreover, the voice of a teacher can keep the students on the edge of their seats. So, the pitch should be authoritative as well asapproachable.
  • Ability to engage students: One of the challenges of any virtual class is keeping things interesting, particularly because your instructor/ trainer won’t be available physically. Thus, a good online English tutor would try to amplify his/ her energy and boost engagement. We’ve often come across trainers who are particularly good at connecting with students even when they are miles away.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses: Usually, there’s very little time to assess students, help them with English, and achieve the desired result. So, always opt for a reputed online English speaking course in India – one where your instructor/ trainer gauges your strengths and weakness quickly. They’d ask you the right questions and would even tweak the lesson plan accordingly. In fact, it is the job of the teacher to extend and alter the lesson to best meet the student’s need.
  • Using props and visuals: Most English teachers don’t know puppetry, but props and visuals have become a key component of teaching English online, particularly because it can be a lot of fun for the students. These are a great way of bringing various concepts to life! So, whether your online English tutor uses props from household items or images from the internet, props and visuals serve a great purpose.
  • To use and troubleshoot technology: English teachers taking online classes should have some proficiency in wielding current technology. He or she may either be using a laptop or desktop, or may even be using a smartphone or iPad, in either case, she should be adept at addressing minor software issues. A basic understanding of the video settings and how to navigate some of the basic built-in functions is an absolute must.

What makes someone a good English teacher for online classes?

We’ve already discussed some of the skills that every online English teacher needs, but a few traits are a must-have as well.

  • Adaptable or flexible: Good teachers or English instructors should always be adaptable and flexible. When teaching students, there’s a lot that can go wrong. This can either be in the form of a technical glitch, an uninterested student, or even someone who isn’t able to follow the lesson properly. An experienced online English tutor is adept at problem-solving, and so should yours too.
  • Warm and friendly: Online teaching can be quite exhaustive! At the same time, no one likes getting greeted by a cold and boring tutor. When you opt for the best online English speaking course in India, you can rest assured that a warm and friendly personality will greet you. 
  • Committed to growth: A good teacher should always be committed to growth. They can put themselves in their student’s shoes to understand where they are going wrong or where they are missing out. Some are even open to feedback from students. All of this helps them better evaluate their own online classes.

Key takeaway

Communication usually refers to giving or receiving information, ideas, and even messages. However, effective communication isn’t just about excellent grammar or great verbal skills. There’s more to it! This is where Speechify shines!

Tutors associated with a good and professional online English speaking course in India know how to create dialogues with students and keep them engaged, all the while fulfilling their responsibility of helping students learn English. At Speechify, the online tutors offer specially tailored lesson plans that prove to be far more effective and develop the right language skills. Their English teachers have the right certification, the appropriate tech skills needed for the job to conduct classes successfully, and the right amount of creativity needed to keep the students motivated. They are welcoming, approachable, flexible, and know how to help students struggling or falling behind. Last but not least, they are supportive and continuously evaluate every student’s progress and even make suggestions based on one’s performance. All this makes Speechify one of the best platforms for learning English online.
Want to know more about their online English speaking course in India and how it may help students in the long run? Feel free to check their website out.

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