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Slot Machine Jackpots Real or Fake?

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Do you like playing the slots? Spin the wheel, watch the spinner, spin, and spin again. The slot machine is a fast game of seconds. It takes less than 6 seconds on most machines, and only 3 seconds online.  What a rush of adrenaline and you hope to hit the jackpot. If you did would you get paid or is this all hyped and a fake show?

Let’s see if the facts below will help you decide.

$14.6 Million – Rampart Casino, Las Vegas

In December 2013 an unknown player won a slot machine jackpot worth $14.6 million with a bet of $20. A fantastic slot machine, it would be worth the while buying and taking it home for memory lane.

The mysterious player and the huge jackpot? You can imagine how many people lined up at days end just to get a machine after that? How do you vote, real or fake?

Let’s look at an online casino and how they stacked up.

$17.2 Million – Betway Online Casino

Take the TV Newsline and the printing press to see Jon Hayward receiving one of the highest online slot machine jackpot wins. This is also the 9th largest Jackpot win ever.

No one can raise doubts about this casino jackpot. Slot machine lovers had all right to jump onboard hoping to repeat history.  Want to try  online slots, you could even hit the jackpot.

The British soldier placed a quarter-dollar slot and had the spin of his life. Good for him, any other true-to-life examples of a huge slot machine jackpot?

$21.1 Million – Cannery Casino, Las Vegas

Some people are born lucky, while others were made for the slots.  In 1989, while visiting Las Vegas Mirage Hotel, Elmer Sherwin hit a slot jackpot for $4.6 million. He did not give up his hobby and kept pulling the bar.

In 2005, during another visit to Las Vegas, Sherwin stopped for some slots at the Cannery Casino. He walked away with his second big win. This time he made history winning the biggest jackpot ever (at the time). A cool $21.1 million.

Once again, it was all over the news. People from everywhere came rushing to the Cannery Casino, seeking the golden touch of Sherwin. 

Still unsure about your vote? Not ready to hunt your slot machine jackpot? 

History of Slot Machines

Slot machines were developed in California in 1894 by game developer and engineer, Charles Faye. He named the original machine the Liberty Bell. He wanted a machine that could calculate payments and receive money at the same time.

The machine had only one payout line and was built with three reels. The player would yank the bar and the machine would try to align poker hands. The Liberty Bell was also known as the Card bell because of the cards it used.

Publicly, the game was known on the streets as the ‘one-arm bandit’ due to the lever attached to the right.  The machines have evolved but maintain the principal concept that Faye created. Some machines now offer more reels and columns.

History of the Slot Machine Jackpots

In 1986 a software company called International Game Technology (IGT) started the first progressive jackpot. The pot grew bigger every time a player failed to hit it. The machine was called the Megabucks and is still in use today.

Megabucks has become one of the most popular progressive jackpots and has paid out one of the largest pots in human history. 

$34.9  Million –  Desert Inn Casino

On a cool even breeze in 2000, Cynthia Jay-Brennan finished her job and decide to play a few casino hands. Her casino hands are typically $3 hands. This is not a whale but neither a coin thrower.

Fourteen years ago IGT created the first jackpot, and she was playing on one of their machines. This cocktail waitress was in for the shock of her life. Suddenly the sirens and the applauses are pouring out. She just hit the jackpot for $34.9 million.

Show the cameras, the TV, and all the media came, wrote, and she got paid.

The Megabuck jackpot is available in many online casinos and sportsbooks.

Playing Slots

Slots is by far one of the easiest online casino games to play. It also has one of the largest benefits, as you can see in the progressive jackpots. There are many reasons why people choose slot machines over other casino games. Here are a few

  1. Fast: Slot machines are the fastest of any casino games. An online game takes only 3 seconds on standard Internet speed. In one hour you can easily play more than 1,000 hands.
  2. Low risks: A slot hand usually costs cents, even though you can risk higher amounts
  3. Huge Jackpots: The jackpots run in millions of dollars.
  4. Easy to play: You can play from your smartphone without disrupting anyone else.
  5. Slot machines are individual games

Responsible Gambling

The slot machines are also one of the most addictive casino games. Due to its continued fast paced rush of adrenaline, slots can lead to impulsive gambling. Impulsive or uncontrollable wagering can be triggered by the ever-closeness of completing the lineups.

Sometimes the cherry stops just above the middle bar, or it just passed the lineup. You may get the feeling that you are about to win on the next spin.

Another element that may lead to gambling addiction to slots is the hope of hitting the next jackpot.  This can erase savings and lead to the acquisition of funds through illicit means. Although the jackpot could make you happy forever, pursuing it is not recommended.

Remember that your chance to win the jackpot is about 1 in 12 million.Slot machines bring fun and entertainment in a fast motion and short time span. It is a desirable game to be enjoyed within the limits. Are you hoping to hit a jackpot? How do you vote now?  Are the slot machine jackpots true or fake?

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