Slovenia Online Gambling Trends in 2022

Slovenia is a beautiful country known for its picturesque grasslands, mountains, the Aegean coast, and casinos. Gambling has become extremely popular in the country as more and more hotels started to open the doors to their gambling houses to locals and tourists alike. Thanks to the large number of tourists visiting the country every year, the country benefits greatly from the gambling industry, which results in the further popularization of casino games across Slovenia. What are the online gambling trends that will define the industry in 2022? Let’s find out in today’s overview.

Online Casinos Stay Land-Bound

According to the current legislation, only land-based casinos are allowed to run online gambling operations in Slovenia. Other than that, other gambling websites are considered illegal and running such websites on the territory of the country will lead to criminal prosecution. However, it does not mean that Slovenian gamblers have any problems with the current choice of gambling websites. You can choose any Slovenian casino paying in Euros as long as it has a government-issued license and plays legally without any issues whatsoever. This is the current situation that is unlikely to change in 2022 as any attempts to legalize other casinos have failed in the past.

More Land-Based Casinos

Luckily, there are 10+ land-based casinos in Slovenia that also operate gambling websites that allow both locals and tourists to play for real money online. The number of available casinos in the country grows every year, and you can tell that their number will increase further in the future. This will provide both tourists and locals with more opportunities to experience premiere gambling in some of the most luxurious hotels as well as enjoy their favorite games in a convenient format of an online casino. 

Table Games Grow More Popular

Despite slots being the bread and butter of any online gambling website, table games are growing in popularity as the players become more open to investing more time and effort into their hobby. Sure, slots are rather simple and easy to pick up, even for the total newbies, but the table game audience grows every year as the players become more mature. Table games like poker or blackjack require far more concentration and skill but they are also much more exciting than slot games that do not require any skill and are purely luck-based. 

Pandemic Still Has Its Hold

The COVID-19 pandemic, as sad as it is, still influences people and businesses all around the world. This means that access to the land-based casinos might still be limited and that some people would not be able to gamble in the actual casinos. That is why thousands of Slovenians and tourists would still go to the online casinos if they want to experience real gambling. Hopefully, 2022 will be the year when we finally defeat the virus and get back to normal lives, but until it happens, online casinos will remain the predominant way to gamble in Slovenia and most parts of the world. 


Cryptocurrencies are growing more popular each year, and it is only natural that they find their way into the world of online gambling. People have been using Bitcoin and other cryptos in the online casinos for years now, and that is exactly why you might want to try it too. Cryptocurrency trading might be considered a kind of gambling in its own right, and it surely is an exciting thing to play around with, but it is also a viable way to make deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. Cryptocurrencies allow for secure and completely anonymous transactions, which is essential for anyone worried about their gambling hobby being a secret.

Esports Betting

Esports has become immensely popular in the past couple of years, and it is already a norm for people to make bets on the outcomes of esports matches. Such games as DOTA-2, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and fighting game tournaments generate huge banks and people from all around the world are more than willing to make their bets on these events. The same goes for Slovenian fans of esports, so if you like video games and know which teams to bet on, you can make some money for yourself.

Wrap Up

Being a gambler in Slovenia is becoming more and more convenient with the spreading of online betting and gambling websites. This year, there will be an even stronger emphasis on electronic entertainment as the technologies allow for more exciting games. Slovenia is a small country that has lots to offer to any gambler, so if you live there, you already know. And if you are planning to visit Slovenia this year, you can be sure you are going to find a good time there.

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