Smart Hacks: Tips for Easily Winning a Variety of Word Board Games

Word games enhance cognitive skills, train concentration skills, and improve memory. And, while at it, you also want to win to feel better. Therefore, due to their competitive nature, you need to find ways to have the upper hand when playing such games. This article details the proven tips to improve your chances of winning these games, and they include:

Read Extensively

Word games are all about vocabulary; you need many of them to be good at playing. Extensive reading is the surefire way to build your vocabulary. This type of reading entails enjoyable materials that include and are not limited to magazines, novels, and graded readers. Such material will contain different words you can grasp and use to play word games.

Use Word Finders

Using a word finder such as project LEXICON is the first way to win the most popular word games. These online tools come in handy when your vocabulary fails, which is likely to happen under pressure. You can use these word finders to get the top words that will earn you the highest scores instead of spending a lot of time thinking of low-scored words.

Be Use Offensive Tactics

Being offensive also goes a long way to winning various word games. This strategy entails using long and complex words, leaving the opponent trying to figure out the next word. The opponent’s struggle to play their words will prevent them from adding points, which gives you an upper hand. In addition, you should aim to get rid of all the letters on board as fast as possible. Doing so will assure you a win.

Play Parallel

Although uncommon, playing parallel is another way to win word games. You will slide alongside your opponent’s words instead of crossing your opponent’s words. And while at it, you will match vowels and consonants to develop new words. You will find that your word touches theirs differently, giving you a chance for extra words and points.

Memorize Some Short-Letter Words

Short-letter words are also essential when it comes to winning word games. You need such words when running out of space, which is expected at the tail end of word games. Therefore, it will be best to memorize a few to help you earn more points when the need arises. Note that using these short words can boost your score by around 50 points, which will help you win the game.

Wisely Use the High-Scoring Letters 

Lastly, it would be best if you wisely use high-scoring letters such as J, Q, X, and Z. Your worst undoing will be avoiding them since they rack up double or triple points. In addition, these letters are uncommon, and using them cuts off your opponent, reducing their chances of earning more points. 

It’s no secret that word games are important for socializing and personal development. But winning is equally essential in these competitive games to make it more fun. Getting a high-score vocabulary that can edge out your competitors requires tools like project LEXICON to help you. In addition, you also need the other tips you have read here. Use the information you have read in this article for better chances of winning word games.

Christopher Stern

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