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Why are plants necessary for our habitat?


Plants are naturally one of the most important components of our habitat. They serve as food sources and provide oxygen. But why do we need plants? They’re so… redundant! Plants have been with us since before humans walked the Earth, so they must have some kind of purpose, right? Well, let us tell you: there are plenty of reasons why plants are necessary for our lives on this planet—and they’re not just aesthetic!

We breathe oxygen that comes from plants.

Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which is a process that uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into organic compounds. The end products are oxygen, gas, and carbohydrates.

Oxygen is a gas we need to breathe because it’s vital for our survival—without it, we’d suffocate within minutes! Plants are noticeably the only organisms on Earth that create their own supply of oxygen through photosynthesis; other organisms require air from outside sources like animals or even humans (for example, when you’re underwater).

Plants help prevent soil erosion.

Plants, like trees and shrubs, hold soil in place. Without plants to keep the soil in place, water runoff would be much more likely to occur. This can lead to erosion as well as other problems such as flooding and mudslides.

Plants also help prevent water from running off of steep slopes by holding onto rainfall with their roots; if there were no plants around at all, your home might get washed away!

Plants are a food source.

We all know that plants are a necessary food source for humans and animals. Plants provide food for insects, birds, and other animals, which help in pollination. Plants also provide shelter and protection to many species of animals that cannot survive without vegetation.

Plants make life possible on Earth.

Plants are the basis of our ecosystem. Without these plants, we would not be able to live. They make life possible on Earth.

Plants are also the foundation of the food chain, as they produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants also form a large portion of our planet’s biomass—they’re responsible for more than half of all photosynthesis on Earth! This means that they play an important role in carbon cycling (the movement of carbon between living things) as well as water cycling (the movement of water through ecosystems).


Plants are an integral part of our habitat. They provide us with an abundance of oxygen, food, and shelter. Without plants, we wouldn’t be able to do the things that we enjoy doing today. If needed, you can even opt for a plant delivery at your place and be happy with the new addition you make to your house. 

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