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This Softmoc Reviews article will give information about the product sold here and we have also verified the legitimacy.

Do you wish to purchase shoes? You are willing to buy footwear through Softmoc. Softmoc is an e-commerce website that delivers shoes across Canada and the United States. Softmoc is very popular and many people want to learn more about it.

This Softmoc Reviews article will provide information about the legitimacy of Softmoc’s delivery and return policies. Please read this entire post.

Overview – Softmoc Shop

Softmoc is an online platform for selling footwear products. It claims to offer a wide range of footwear products. It offers both male and female footwear at affordable prices. The website offers a wide range of footwear styles:

  • Crocs
  • Slides for Summer
  • Sports Shoe
  • Cool sneakers
  • Chelsea boots Spring
  • White sneakers

The market is flooded with so many new products that they want to know Is Softmoc Legit This store provides essential accessories for the feet. But is this site legit? Or do they offer great deals to their customers

Customer can decide whether the website is legitimate by checking its legitimacy. Before we verify its legitimacy, let us first look at the features of Softmoc.


  • Buy the stylish shoes, sneakers and cross from the
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-877-763-8662
  • SoftMoc Inc. 1400 Hopkins Street Whitby ON, LIN2C3
  • Customer isn’t happy with this platform. There are mixed reviews in Softmoc Comments section.
  • Return Policy: Orders that qualify for free shipping can still be returned to our website.
  • Orders below $34.99 qualify for a $3.99 shipping charge
  • Shipping Policy: Orders above $34.99 eligible for free shipping and delivery within 1-4 days
  • PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers are the payment options.

Positive Highlights

  • Email addresses and phone numbers for reaching out to the site are available.
  • This platform is cheaper because you get free shipping
  • Https is a secure way to transfer data from customers.
  • Mixed customer reviews across the website and on the online platform.

Negative Highlights

  • Even though social media accounts were discovered for the site, it doesn’t contain much information

Is Softmoc legit?

Now that we have reviewed the features of Softmoc, the main question is whether this website is legitimate. This was tested using various criteria. These include:

  • Website registration date: This website was created on June 3, 1997. This indicates that the website is old and has a lifespan of more than 24.
  • Actual Index When we looked at the trust score on we discovered that it has an average score of around 71%.
  • Registrar This site, which has been around for 24 years, was registered in the name of Network Solutions, LLC.
  • Customer reviews Softmoc There are mixed reactions to the Softmoc reviews . However, the customer reviews are quite legitimate.
  • Social media: The site was found on all social media platforms that had a reasonable amount of engagement. This is a sign of the forum’s popularity.
  • Data safety Website protected by HTTPS. You can expect smooth and safe data transfer.
  • Missing information There are many things on the website. The platform’s owner is the only thing missing.
  • Policy Before placing an order, users should review all return and delivery policies.

Softmoc Reviews

Website provided all information necessary to contact them such as email address and phone number. The mixed reviews from customers indicated that they had left genuine reviews. The popularity of the platform can be seen through social media engagement, which shows that it is well-respected. However, there is not much information. But, the website was verified to be legitimate.

Website is also highly rated by review websites. Buyers are asked to verify information regarding credit card scamming to avoid being scammed.


We found out that the website has an average life expectancy of 24 years in this Softmoc reviews post. This makes it seem legit. Website has a 71% trust score. The website was rated according to the criteria above. To avoid being scammed , the users should be familiar with how to stay safe from PayPal. To learn more about Chelsea boots , you can visit this link

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