Some Thrilling Aspects of Escape from Tarkov You Can’t Miss

Escape from Tarkov or EFT, is a hardcore shooter game that Battlestate Games, a Russian developer, developed. This game has borrowed components from several roleplaying games that comprise upgradable skills, quests, and many similar ideas. While playing, players get access to many armor, weapons, tasks, and loot. The fact that makes EFT hugely popular among players is they get what they have been yearning for in this game. In EFT, players assume the roles of PMCs or private military contractors. And they walk through several dangerous locales that are filled with AI and other players.

Being skilled

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More information on EFT

EFT is a first-person shooter that has RPG components. When players play it, they collaborate with friends. At times, they play alone, too. They long to survive and reach their possible extraction points. Even when a player’s health refuses to regenerate in the absence of any particular item, he can get lots of different items that he can loot and keep in his confined inventory. Players can also get lots of weapons from which they can learn something. They should be mindful that they will lose every piece of equipment if they die. Additionally, they will also lose their inventory.

Choosing one

The fortunate thing is players can play with their main character, known as PMC, or choose another that spawns with some random equipment, called Scav or Scavengers. They are characters that players can use for looting. EFT allows players to take part in raids and play as Scavs. They should attempt to loot lots of things and earn money when they sell items. This way, they can begin forming a sturdy stash for their PMCs. Players will get more opportunities to survive, though they will also be required to devote lots of hours to get the hang of this game. 

The fundamentals to heal

The unique thing about EFT is when players are hit, they fail to regenerate like other first-person shooter games. They come across a complicated health system that has several possible results. The limbs of players get split in a graph, and players can check that when they see the tab “Health.” However, they will get an overview of their entire status here and whether or not a part of their bodies has become damaged. Players do not lose health points only when they get hit but also get negative effects. When players are shot in their arms, it creates either a big or small cut, and they are required to take care of the cut with bandages, or else they might lose their lives due to severe loss of blood. Again, a miscalculated fall breaks the legs of players and changes the way they move. In this situation, a painkiller turns into a temporary and quick solution. 

While playing, players should be attentive to the kinds of healing items and their performance. Additionally, they should know when they ought to use them. Players should be mindful that if a part of their body becomes black, it suggests that they have to utilize a surgery kit.

The Money

If you don’t have money when you play Escape from Tarkov, you are finished. Money is a vital component in this game as it permits players to purchase better and stronger equipment. And to get money, players ought to finish quests. At times, they also sell items that they think are not important or they won’t use. A player can think of selling weapons, but he should disassemble the parts of the weapons first before he sells them individually. He should also save the ammo as they are vital things and more significant in comparison to the weapon. There are three in-game currencies in EFT, namely, Euros, Dollars, and Roubles, and no trader can use all of them together.

Drinking and eating

Players should keep a strict eye on their character, and every character has a couple of vital stats: energy and hydration. When these stats reach 0, players begin to act in a confined manner. They move around weekly and also lose sight. The worst thing is they can also lose their life on the field. Hence, they can’t afford to remain in this condition for a long time. To not get into this condition, players should plan to have some food and a bottle full of water. 


EFT is about realistic and tense gunplay. When players play this game, they sport a huge assortment of guns besides a highly realistic ballistics model. They should take very good care of their weapons, or else they will not work as anticipated. The matches of this game are session-based, and they are inhabited by human players. While playing, a player can confront the conflict with his friends or alone, as multiplayer is both competitive and cooperative.  

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