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Every player in Australia has heard of such a famous and large casino as Casino Mate. This casino got its start in 2011 and for more than 10 years has been providing quality services in the field of online gambling. It’s no secret that this casino is one of the best in online gaming. It rapidly develops, monitors the trends, constantly updates the list of games, cooperates with the best providers, including one of the largest, Evolution Gaming. All of the casino games presented on the platform are high-quality and interesting, as well as the fact that they are tested by an independent company eCogra for bugs and inconsistencies, which shows the honesty and integrity of Casino Mate. Also not unimportant is the fact that the casino is totally legal in Australia, as it has a license to provide services in the field of online gaming, issued by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Also, you won’t be able to pass the KYC check at the casino website if you are under 18 years old. If you try to create an account by fraudulent means, it will be found out and your account will be blocked. You can read more about the casino’s terms and conditions on the official Casino Mate Australia website.

Which games are the most profitable

Surely every player, especially a beginner, wonders what games are the most profitable. And how to increase your chance of winning. It is very simple, you need to pay attention not only to popularity, quality, availability of bonuses and promotions, but also to the advantage of the operator in this or that game. The smaller the advantage of the operator, the greater the chance of winning for you. So what games are the most profitable for you at Casino Mate? Let’s find out!


Blackjack is one of the card lovers’ favorite games. Everyone has heard of this game at least once, for example, from movies. Yes, this game is one of the most popular card games, is most often at the top of the list, and among all other merits gives you the opportunity to reduce the operator’s advantage to a value of 0.5%. Wow, all you have to do is follow the basic strategy that is publicly available. Thoroughly studying the strategy with all the possible developments of the game, you can easily win and get the coveted winnings. 


This game is no less popular and echoes Blackjack in meaning. Players will need to hit a hand with a total of 9 or as close to 9 as possible, and you can try your luck and minimize the operator’s edge here as well. There are three betting options and odds for this game: player wins 1.24%, draws 1.44% and banker wins 1.06%. Betting on the banker is the most profitable for you and gives more chances of success. It is important to note the fact that the casino takes away 5% of the winnings from each winning bet on the banker. 


Bright and shouty slots always grab the attention of players. But what is it? A pretty picture or an opportunity to get a good win? You won’t believe it, but there are such slots with a payout of 99%. True, they are very few.  Mostly the payout value in the most winning slots is between 94% and 97%. This is a great indicator! The payout for the most profitable slots is between 94% and 97%, but there are also such machines in which this value is 99%, although these machines and a little.In this game, an important tactic. And it can be completely different for each type of slot. But don’t worry, you can always choose the right tactic for the right slot in the slot demo version. So you can increase your chance of winning. Be careful, and do not rush to the real game, until you are confident in their strength and the correctness of the selected tactics. 

The right strategy – the way to big winnings

What else can help you win more? Of course, the right strategy of the game. It’s very difficult to come up with a game strategy on your own without having enough experience in online games. Only experienced players based on mistakes and successes in the past can come up with their own strategy that could lead them to victory and win. For you, we have prepared a list of strategies shared by experienced players. This valuable information will help you approach the game intelligently and save and increase your money. 

Up the ladder

This strategy is based on the fact that you define a minimum bet for yourself and act to increase it, provided that the spin turns out to be a winning one. If the bet did not work, then you leave it at the same value. So you save yourself from losing your money.

Scheme of doubling rates

This scheme is an analogue of the Martingale system. It is risky and is often used in the game of roulette. And he doubles it until he gets a win. Thus, he covers all previous losses and stays in the plus double. But it is necessary to understand the risks of this strategy. 

Click and run

This strategy is similar to the Unbridled scheme. This strategy states that the player determines for himself the number of unsuccessful spins and goes to another machine when this value is reached.


This system is similar to the previous strategy. Only here players also watch the arrangement of the same symbols on the screen of the machine: when five identical symbols line up in a certain order, then the next slot is started. It is important to understand that this strategy was invented for the classic slots with three reels and it is quite difficult to use online. 


According to this strategy, you set the minimum and maximum betting bars. You choose the step with which you will move. Then you bet on the spin and increase it in increments of one step until you reach the maximum. Then in the same step you decrease to the minimum. This strategy requires a time investment, so think carefully about it, as well as take into account the size of your bankroll. 

D’Alamber strategy

With this strategy, the player determines the limits and goals of his winnings. Also establishes the step with which he will move in this strategy. If he wins, the player needs to decrease his bet by one step or stay on the minimum bet, if he loses, he needs to increase his bet by one step or stay on the maximum bet set, if he has reached it in the course of the game.


This strategy is built on increasing the bet in geometric progression. You determine the minimum bet of the game and then increase it in case of failure.

Three betting strategy

This strategy is the simplest and not expensive. In this strategy, you make three bets of 1 to 3 coins and spin the ram three times. If you lose, the number of bets is reduced by one. And in case 5 spins of 1 coin were unsuccessful, the machine closes. 

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