Soul CEO Zhang Lu: Let Young Generations Foster Genuine Interactions Effortlessly

In recent years, social interaction has progressively transitioned from offline to online, leading to the rapid development of various social media and networking applications. In 2016, Soul CEO Zhang Lu introduced a novel social platform, Soul App, to the market, which redefined social interactions by attaching importance to mutual interests and emotional resonance. Soul App is committed to fostering a sense of belonging and happiness among users by facilitating open and seamless conversations.

Soul CEO Zhang Lu’s Vision for Soul App

Social interaction is deeply rooted in our human nature. Through the ages, connecting and sharing information with others has deepened our bond with the world, enriching our viewpoints. Yet, true social connection goes beyond mere communication; it’s a soulful journey of mutual discovery and resonance. Soul CEO Zhang Lu believes that the essence of the Soul App is to help users connect with kindred spirits, offering a sense of belonging that’s sometimes elusive in the real world.

Therefore, in product design, Soul App doesn’t stress physical attributes like appearance or geographical location. Instead, it emphasizes emotional resonance and interests. Users can genuinely share and interact in various settings. Furthermore, powered by AI algorithms, the platform upholds a universal traffic benefit mechanism, ensuring every user’s voice gets attention and quality feedback. This creates a robust foundation of activity and interactivity.

By listening to users’ inner voices and returning to the essence of socializing, Soul App is becoming the new social choice for the youth. On Soul App, users can find others with shared interests, express their opinions freely, and forge deep emotional connections. Soul App’s uniqueness lies in taking personal interests and the spiritual world as its starting point, redefining the form of social interactions. Here, everyone can find their own space and circle for interaction, truly experiencing the ease of socializing.

Soul App Users Enjoy Effortless Social Networking 

Some users have organized poetry sessions in group chats, promoting traditional Chinese culture and making friends with poets worldwide. Some have kept a study streak for postgraduate admission exams for over 300 days, motivating others on the platform to strive forward. Others have documented their rural teaching experiences, sharing their growth journey and shining a light on children who genuinely need assistance. The youth are indulging in their unique ways of socializing, enjoying the liberating experience and reaping diverse joys.

To cater to the diverse interests of the youth and co-create an authentic, warm platform atmosphere, Soul CEO Zhang Lu and her team have introduced various operational activities. They guide and assist users in creating and sharing high-quality content, ensuring a virtuous cycle of content ecology. For instance, Soul App previously launched the “Starlight Program”. Users who presents active engagement and posts high-quality content may be awarded the “Soul App Real Badge.”

Soul CEO Zhang Lu’s Continuous Exploration On Social Networking

Soul App not only innovates in the way it facilitates social interactions but also constructs a rich content ecosystem, drawing in numerous young users. According to a report by CITIC Securities, with its unique product design, accurate algorithm recommendations, and extensive operational strategies, Soul App has fostered a vibrant community ecology, becoming one of the platforms most favored by Generation Z. Data reveals that in 2022, the average daily usage time per user on Soul App was 46.4 minutes, with users producing over 620 million new posts. The monthly active user posting rate stood at 31.5%, with daily new post reply rates exceeding 87%.

Soul CEO Zhang Lu and her team hope that on the platform, users can construct their personas with virtual identities, expressing and communicating without reservations. This fosters a sense of belonging, adds a playful element, and lets users experience the happiness that socializing brings. In the future, Soul App aims to continue its innovative spirit, crafting a diverse, loving, and warm social space. It aspires to achieve true freedom in social interactions, enabling the youth to experience a genuine sense of belonging and happiness.

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