Step into stock market after learning its basic Principles

This is the biggest myth that the stock market is meant for rich people only. No, this is wrong in its context. There are various trading courses for beginners that teach them how to lower risk and increase profits. Even a person with good knowledge and intelligence can become a king of this market. Money is not everything in this market if you don’t have proper strategy with you to make money. 

This market is complicated and there are many up’s and down. It is like a rollercoaster ride where you enjoy your ride with a big smile but from inside you are in fear of losing money which you have invested.

To overcome the fear of stock market there are certain principle which can be followed by any investor to make profit from this market. Let us know about them.

Buy limited stock 

As a beginner or as an experienced stock holder  it is important for you both that in starting buy limited stocks from market. Like 3-4 stocks are enough for you.  Just play with these Stocks in stock exchange market. First buy stocks and hold them up for Limited time till its market value increases. Keep an eye in stock market to see there fluctuation. If you are getting enough profit from this market then increase the ratio of buying of stocks as per your financial status and convenience.

Analyze past performance 

Investing in stock is a challenging game. Where you can not predict what you will get profit or loss.  But by analyzing the past performance of a company and about its stock would help you to make right decision. Through this method you come to know how stocks have provided value to investors.  How many times it fluctuated and how much time it has made profit or loss. This way it becomes easy for you to choose stock. 

Concentrate on fluctuation 

You have to keep your eyes and ears open while investing in this market as in a blink of an eye it can provide you with either profit or loss. A proper concentration and time is required in this market to see the fluctuation of stocks.  

Don’t follow others

This market is not like other market where any trend comes and is followed by each and every individual.  You have to make your appearance different from others. Don’t follow others as the stock which has provided profit to anyone, that doesn’t mean it will provide benefit to you also. Stock value changes in a short period of time. Remember no one will guide you in a proper way, as there is no person who will feel good if you will earn more money as compared to them. 

Make a proper record 

While making a proper record with you of stocks will help you in future. As by recording there performance will make you predict in future that how stocks will perform either they will provide profit to you or loss.

All the above mention steps plays vital role in stock market.  It is important for you to implement all of these.

About The Author 

Gaurav Heera is a Stock Market expert, Analyst & educator having more than a decade experience in the stock market industry. Currently he heads Delhi Courses Academy , best known as affordable stock market institute in Delhi.

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