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Superman And Lois Trailer: Clark Kent’s Family Drama

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Have you seen a Superman & Lois trailer? If not, you should go see it. It is a family drama hidden within a superhero show.

Superman & Lois is the latest DC Comics adaptation of the CW’s Arrowverse Join in Supergirl, and then sees a broader range of Arrowverse heroes in the ambitious Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.

The new Superman & Lois trailer hints at a different tone than their usual superhero fare, the trailer mainly focus on Clark, and Lois decided to reveal the truth about her father’s secret identity to her teenage children.

On the show, the journalists and their two sons, Jonathan and Jordan, will return to Smallville to start over. They’ll meet old friends like Clark’s first love Lana Lang, as well as some new faces like the “passionate self-made mogul” and Morgan Edge’s “mysterious stranger” who plays Wole Parks.

Superman And Lois

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch star in the show as the title Couple. This character was first introduced in Supergirl.

Superman’s heroes appear in brief flashes throughout the trailer, but the Man of Steel will have to balance his superheroes with his family obligations. “The world will always need a superman. now you need more of this family, ”Lois tells him.

Superman And Lois Trailer

In the trailer, it shows a huge departure from the typical Arrowverse formula. The images in the series look more relaxed and vivid.

DCTV staples like Arrow and The Flash generally follow the most villainous structure of the week with bad arcs from the big season, the interpersonal drama is generally seen as a subplot. And on the other hand, there are baddies to fight on the show, it seems De Clark’s relationships will be the main focus of the story.

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