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Take Care of Your Social Networks

Making a connection with people who appreciate us is an important thing today. Simply because it is much easier to make sales to a fan or someone who feels a bit of a connection with us. That’s why in order to hope to make a living from your work we strongly advise you to learn about the many things that could be beneficial to your social networks. For example, one might think that posting your work on Instagram with a few hashtags is enough, but using Instagram can go much further. Understanding these things as an artist and spending time on it every day is something that can be very beneficial. 

Leverage Multiple Revenue Streams

Another thing you should be aware of as an artist is that there are many sources of income in the art world. Whether it’s for online sales, direct sales or services, there must be a dozen or so sources of income that you can easily set up on your own. You can even create an online store with your own designs through platforms like printful. Many cool examples exist like Hoodype which specializes in pullover hoodies with prints designs. Just imagine the head start you’ll get by opening an online store, putting your products on marketplace or offering art classes on Udemy. 

Use the Right Platforms

Trying to do things like diversifying your revenue sources and being present on social networks are very good things, but you have to do it right. Simply because by trying to be everywhere, you often end up nowhere. To make a living from your art, it is sometimes enough for one source of traffic or revenue to explode, which will also feed the others afterwards. That’s why we advise you to focus only on the best social networks for artists, like Instagram. If you want to make money with your designs, it will also be better to select only platforms like Etsy or Redbubble. For your physical artworks Etsy is still a good alternative, but there are also other specialized ones like Fine Art America.  

Be a Unique Artist

Every great artist has things or a style that characterizes them. You can’t make your artist identity if you don’t know it yourself. But beyond having your own identity, you also have to bring the people who discover you towards criticism. That these people don’t just buy your work, but a set of things that are transmitted only by your way of doing your work. Be different, weird, ingenious, all sorts of things that could make someone want to buy your work and not put you in the ordinary artist box. It’s up to you to dig deep into your environment and the things that inspire you to transpose it into your art. 

Show Your Personality with YouTube

As we have seen on the first point about networks, your image and your personality are two important things to sell your art. The best platform today to show your personality in the best light is probably YouTube. Making a YouTube channel around your artworks and things that inspire you is surely one of the best ways to create a fan base that appreciates you. In the same vibe as online courses, you can also offer educational content for other artists who will follow your channel. YouTube is also a great way to associate your name with art and be more easily taken seriously in any of your projects. 

Handle Criticism Well 

The more exposure you get, the more criticism you will receive. It is important to first sort out the ones that can be useful to you and the ones that are only there to waste your time. This is important as criticism is at the root of this field and knowing how to live with it is an important part of being an artist. Be sure of yourself and only question the things that are worthwhile. Making a living from your art can be a tedious path filled with doubts, especially if you only rely on the negative. It’s up to you to develop a strong artist’s mindset that only aims to improve your work. 


You now have the essential keys to respect if you hope to earn a living with your art. Now it’s up to you to apply them according to the works you sell and the image you want to reflect. The most important thing is that you be patient and try to build a little routine on each important thing.

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