Tech giant develops smartphone with removable camera module

  • Thanks to this system, the camera module could be used to photograph from both the front and the back of the phone.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been characterized by being in constant exploration of innovative and exotic designs for its smartphones. Along these lines, it has presented a phone with a roll-up screen, one with a folding panel, one with a side pop-up camera, and another with a video game-inspired aesthetic.

Now, Oppo is experimenting with a removable camera module for smartphones. This month, the company received approval from the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for a patent called ‘Image Collection Device and Electronic Device’.

The images included in the documentation show that the smartphone will have a detachable photographic system on the back, which can be removed and connected to the top of the phone via USB type C; thus you will have the ability to take selfies.

According to the Oppo patent, this module includes two camera sensors, a pill-shaped LED flash, a flexible circuit board, a lithium battery, and a Type-C connector. However, more lenses are expected to be incorporated at the moment. where the device is commercially manufactured.

The description also mentions that the module’s motherboard includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity for remote communication. It also notes that USB-C has the ability to bend at two angles (90 and 180 degrees), which provides versatility.

This new Oppo mechanism raises the possibility of updating the smartphone’s photographic system without having to replace the entire device. In addition, it opens a huge range of possibilities to connect different camera sensors and thus obtain various characteristics.

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