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Dracula Season 2: Release Date And Rumors

Netflix recently premiered on its platform “Dracula”, an adaptation of the prestigious novel by “Bram Stoker”, carried out by Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat, famous for being the creators of the series “Sherlock”, and produced by the BBC.

Composed of a first season of three chapters of an hour and a half each, Dracula has needed very little time to become one of the Netflix short series of the season, and we are still in January 2020.

Starring the actor Claes Bang in the role of Count Dracula, we do not want to make any spoilers, but we anticipate that the end of the first season is simply spectacular and will not leave you indifferent.

This has meant that although it has just been released, talk is already beginning of a possible season 2 of Dracula, although at the moment we do not know if there will be one or if the Count’s life will remain in just one season.

Even so, we have been investigating and paying attention to the existing rumors about it, and below we are going to tell you everything we know so far about Dracula 2.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Dracula?

Although it has not yet been made official, the creator of the series Mark Gattis hinted in an interview with Radio Times that there could be a second season of Dracula and, therefore, that it would be directed by himself with Steven Moffat.

In any case, this is not a guarantee but only an assumption, but the truth is that with the success that Dracula is having on Netflix, it would be strange that the BBC did not bet on launching a second season.

Possible Release Date Of Dracula 2

In case there was a second season, assuming that the first season of Dracula aired for three consecutive nights starting on New Year’s Day, season 2 could follow the same pattern, taking advantage of the end of the year to show itself to the public.

What is clear is that being a very recent series, Dracula 2 would not reach our screens before 2021 in any case, and we would even dare to say that 2022 would be the possible year of its premiere.

As we have seen in the first season, Count Dracula is in no rush to wake up. But we certainly hope it does.

Possible Cast Of Dracula Season 2

In the event of a second season, we have no doubt that Claes Bang would once again be in charge of playing the role of Dracula, since his performance has not only won over the critics and the public, but has also won become a true sex symbol.

Less likely would John Heffernan continue to play Jonathan Harker, although as we have learned, his face may continue to be used by the vampire-obsessed foundation he created on his behalf.

And in the same way that it happened in the first season, we would not be surprised if Mark Gattis had a new cameo in Dracula 2.

What Will Happen In Season 2 Of Dracula?

Although it must be said that the last chapter of the first season was quite complete and left us quite satisfied, we cannot stop thinking about what would happen in a possible second season of the series.

The last chapter of Dracula is responsible for completing the story between the Count and the Van Helsing family, and watch out here comes a SPOILER that you should not read if you have not seen the series yet.

Finally, Dr. Helsing falls to the ground due to cancer, but before dying Dracula decides to feed on her blood. But to everyone’s surprise, after feeding on Dr. Helsing, both die, ending the story in the most romantic way possible.

But although everything seems to end like this, the reality is that the ending does not confirm to us that Count Dracula really dies, since we do not see it with our own eyes. And this gives us more hope for a second season, since Dracula could be resurrected or it could be the case that he had never died completely.

Another possibility would be that season 2 of Dracula travels back in time, telling us a stage before that of the first season. Everything will depend on the idea that the scriptwriters of the series have, so we will have to wait.

Is There A Trailer For Dracula 2?

As of now, since there is no confirmation, there is no trailer for Dracula 2. In any case, we will be attentive to share it with you when it comes out.

For now, we’ll have to settle for watching Dracula season 1, which is complete on Netflix.

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