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Dr. Stone Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Update Revealed!

The fans’ love for the manga novel series and its adapted animated series is unmatched. Another animated series based on the manga novel will soon arrive with its new installment. Yes, Dr. Stone, the Japanese animated series is heading to its next part, that is, the second installment of Dr. Stone. The second part of Dr. Stone is officially labeled ‘Dr. Stone: Stone Wars’. The first part of Dr. Stone was a great success and received various citations by the media as one of the best 25 manga animation series and others. Fans and audience also cheered on the first installment of Dr. Stone. Now, fans and audience are waiting for the next second part of Dr. Stone.

Release Date: Dr. Stone Season 2

Distributed by Tokyo MX and several other networks, the second part of Dr. Stone is one of the most anticipated animated series among fans and audiences around the world. Dr. Stone arrived with its first part in the last year 2019 and now, after a year, the series is ready to return to television with its second part, that is, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars. This second part is scheduled to premiere in the new year 2021 and will probably premiere on January 14, 2021. Therefore, the date is very close and fans will not have to wait any longer for the second installment of Dr. Stone.

Cast: Dr. Stone Season 2

The upcoming second season of Dr. Stone will have three new characters with some old characters from its first part. The three new characters in the second installment of Dr. Stone are Ukyo, Yo, and Nikki. As the new characters will be there, the announcers are also new to these three characters in this second installment. The new announcers to join the team are Kensho Ono, Atsumi Tanizaki, and Yoshiki Nakajima. The previous announcers will also be there to voice their characters from the first part and their names are Akira Ishida, Kengo Kawanishi, Tetsuo Kanao, Tomoaki Maeno, Kaori Maeda, and Yasuhiro Mamiya. It will be interesting to see what will be in the stories of these new characters in the second part of Dr. Stone.

Plot: Dr. Stone Season 2

The plot of the second installment of Dr. Stone will follow the events of its first installment. There are chances of having a fight between the central character Senko and the evil Tsukasa. Senko will try to save her village and her people. It will be more fascinating to see who will be successful in this fight. As the second part of Dr. Stone is labeled Stone Wars, then there could be a terrible fight between the villagers and the evil Tsukasa’s army by using high-tech scientific weapons. The trailer for the second part of Dr, Stone has been released and fans can get an exact idea of ​​its plot.

Trailer: Dr. Stone Season 2

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