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The Order Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Trending Updates

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What could be more fun than watching a horror sequel under a blanket during winters? So here I am to bring you this joy with my article today on The Order Season 3. The Order is a Netflix original that exceeded reception expectations with the release of the first season on March 7, 2019.

The Order is created by Dennis Heaton who also has credit for writing alongside Eriksen, Harper, Gummerson, Filiatrault and Langer. At the moment, there is no news about the renewal of the series for a third installment. The third season of the horror drama will feature Jake Manley and Louriza Tronco playing Jake Morton and Gabrielle Dupres.

The Order Season 3: Release Date

I made it clear earlier that Netflix has yet to renew The Order Season 3. The series’ first and second seasons consisted of ten episodes each, so the next season (if any) will likely have the same number.

Fans don’t need to be sad that soon because we know that Netflix considers several things before renewing any series and sometimes it takes months to do so, not to mention the wonderful pandemic (check out my sarcasm, I’m so sick of this now). If we look at the time span between the first and second seasons, then the third series will never hit screens before the end of 2021. Still, keep in mind that it could be canceled.

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The Order Season 3: Plot

I have some plot predictions for season 3 of The Order. How can I leave them in so much pain? Let’s see what the story looks like in season 3. The following lines contain spoilers, but I did my best to minimize them so you can read them and continue to watch season 3 with full “wow” expressions.

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Alyssa could come back, I know it doesn’t make sense to you now because she was seen dead last season, but yes, she could be resurrected by Jack. And Lilith is not happy to be taken out of her dimension, so she could try to return. The future of Vera’s magical powers is undetermined as Alyssa is dead (for now).

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