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We Analyze The Trailer For Season 5 Of ‘Riverdale’

The countdown to the arrival of season 5 of ‘Riverdale’ has begun and, if it were not because it seems that this installment will be the one that will lift us the most from the couch based on scares, we would be highly excited. Although, well, we are anyway, who are we kidding ?! That is why we have analyzed the trailer that was just released second by second, detail by detail and frame by frame and we have discovered many things. Like, for example, a great clue as to who the peeper might be . You are going to freak out.

The sneak peek focuses on the prom. We get long shots at the Riverdale High boys … and also how Veronica finds out about the kiss between Archie and Betty . Obviously this is going to make for some great drama, although we really don’t think it will go any further because scenes later the blonde and Jughead are sleeping and investigating together. For a change, go.

But once the adolescent salsa is analyzed, we go to the mystery. It is clear that the voyeur and his game of masks is going to take all the prominence of the delivery. We see the shooting of Fred Andrews at Pop’s, the murder of Jason Blossom and even a suicide that, in the words of Betty Cooper, is an image that will not be able to get out of your head.

However, what has caught our attention is a moment in which Jellybean Jones, FP’s daughter and Jughead’s sister, is asleep and someone passes a knife across her cheek (at minute 00.48). This only means one thing: his character is going to take on much more prominence in the next installment . And so much so that, in addition, we also bet everything that it will have something to do with the voyeur. Let’s be honest, he seems innocent but has the face of hiding something. This is ‘Riverdale’, anything can happen!

Now that you have all the details on the table that you should look at, here is the trailer.

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