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HBO ‘Siren’ Is Canceled And There Will Be No Season 4, This Is The Real Reason

Fans of ‘ Siren ‘, the most popular series of the moment on HBO Spain, received terrible news when it was announced that the production has been canceled in the United States, so the story of love and mystery will leave half to an enthusiastic audience with its plot.

The series ‘ Siren ‘, had managed to be one of the most popular of the HBO streaming platform, after Game of Thrones ended last year (2019), and finally, it slipped as one of the most viewed, without a doubt one of The company’s best acquisitions, but it’s taken a hard hit.

While in social networks everyone talks about the success of ‘Siren’ in Spain, the reality is that it seems that in the United States it did not do so well and it did not necessarily work so that Freeform, which is also owned by Disney, continued with production and series broadcast.

‘Siren’ Is A Freeform Production

It is mentioned that, in the United States, it only reached approximately 400 thousand viewers, reason enough for Freeform to put a stop to it after three seasons, and put the fandom on hold for a fourth, as has already happened with other streaming stories. the example is Netflix, not to continue with Anne with An E.

Although it is not an original HBO production series, it became one of the strongest titles in recent months, especially during the quarantine, and after its cancellation, the story would be unfinished, since the third season was never released as the last one and there are still many threads to join.

What Is ‘Siren’ About

‘Siren’ is the story that exposes the stealth love between mermaids and humans, something like the story of The Little Mermaid (Disney), but with a murky side and much more tense. Ryn thinks highly of humans, considers that not all are murderers, and will know love.

While the rest of their kind, they think that the human race is the worst threat to the planet, especially because they are hunters and killers of mermaids. The mermaids have the plan to destroy humanity to dig up the Earth’s cancer.

And although many beg that HBO continues with this production, it is not really a decision that is in their hands, considering that we are not talking about an original production, but an alternate acquisition.

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