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Teens are participating more in the world of gambling

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Once upon a time, people used to go to the land based casinos for gambling. The trend changed a lot after the advent of the Internet. People started doing gambling from their home PC or laptop as it was very convenient. There was no need to go to the land based casinos and people enjoyed the comfort of playing from home. The trend changed further with the increase in popularity of Smartphone in the market. People started doing gambling right from the Smartphone in their hands. Nowadays, the popularity and use of Smartphone is much more among the young generation, mostly the teens.

It has been witnessed that with the increase in demand of online casinos, many casino websites have come into the market. Thousands of casino websites have come into the market and many more are coming on everyday. Teenagers are driven more by hype and emotion and it is advised to be very careful at the time of joining a website. Not all of these websites are genuine and many have developed a bad name for running away with people’s money. Hence it is always advised to gamble through a reputed website so that your money is secured at the end of the day.

Reputed websites will also give you good training on how to play different games. If you are interested to know more about James Bond roulette, you should always join a reputed website. There is a specific way of playing this game and if you are young and a teen, you must learn this game properly.

As the global participation of the teens is increasing with the arrival of the Smartphone, the business of gambling is increasing at an alarming rate and is expected to touch $30 billion every year. The business of gambling has been able to touch this high business level due to massive participation of the teenagers in the gambling activities. In fact, survey results have shown that it is the fastest growing online business across all countries. It has also been found that around 35% of the college students play online poker at least once in a week. This rapid increase of participation of young males shows the fact that the payment restrictions on the online casino sites are no more considered to be a restriction to the young adults.

It was found that in the US, almost 400000 youth in the age group 18 to 28 gamble for money once a week. It was also found that more than 1.7 million play for money at least once in a month. Nowadays, many people even in the middle age group also play casinos for gambling. The participation of elderly people is very less, but not zero.

In addition to the college students, it is being found that a large number of high school students are also getting involved in different games in gambling. Though in the past it was seen that girls are less involved in gambling, that number is also rising significantly over the past few years. The increase in involvement of the girls in gambling is due to the massive increase in popularity of sports betting. The frequency of betting has also increased by seven to eight times over the years. The participation has also increased by many times during the Covid period. People stayed at home during the lockdown days and enjoyed gambling and hence the participation increased by many times.

Teens live in a society where gambling is legalized and everyone knows that there is no ban on gambling socially nowadays. Since gambling is becoming more acceptible socially nowadays, more teens are finding it comfortable to play. The elders will never scold even if they are caught red handed doing gambling.

In the United States alone, around 48 states allow some form of gambling. Hence the casinos do all sorts of advertising to attract new players. Teenagers often get attracted by seeing those advertisements and start participating in gambling. Moreover, poker tournaments come with backing of lot of expert commentary along with coverage on TV network and social media chanels. Some of the tournaments are also offering million dollar prizes and this get rich fast schemes are attracting many young people and teenagers to the world of gambling.

Gambling is also being shown in different TV shows and movies, thus adding glamour and attraction to it. Gambling was shown once upon a time in James Bond movies and teenagers used to get largely attracted to it. The huge prizes which the tournaments are offering has become a major reason for attraction to the teenagers at large. In fact because of the big prizes which the gambling tournaments offer, many middle age people are also getting involved in gambling. Because of the visibility, prevalence and glamour, a large number of teenagers are getting attracted to the world of gambling.

The three basic factors which are responsible for involvement of teens in gambling on a regular basis are – ambition to win money, enjoyment and the excitement it brings. Some other reasons for joining the world of gambling by the teens include relief from regular boredom, coming out of the feeling of depression and release of peer pressure from regular life. Nowadays, many teens are suffering from depression due to various reasons. The suffering from depression increased further during the Covid days as people had to sit indoors and they had nowhere to go.

The gambling research shows that more than half of the gambling addicts in the US are teenagers. This is a clear indication that teenagers are very much getting addicted to gambling in every country of the world. Some are doing it for money, while others are doing it for fun and to come out of depression.

Usually the teens are in a struggling mood and are always trying to get an identity for themselves. At this hour, the offer of gambling seemed to be very attractive to them. It welcomes them to the world of fun, excitement and money.

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