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What is Tess Antonio famous for? What is her fame? Why are people so obsessed with Tess Antonio? Tess Antonio, a Filipino actress from the Philippines and Famous from Wansapanataym. Tess Antonio fans are searching the internet to find out more about her age and personal information. Tess Antonio’s Age article will tell you her height, age, marriage, relationships, dating, Wiki, family details, and much more.

About Tess Antonio

Tess Antonio, a Filipino Actress. Tess Antonio is a celebrity woman who ranks 42,266th in the list of celebrities with the most crushes. Tess Antonio also ranks 100,932nd on the list of celebrities who are Top Crushes. See her appearance. Tess Antonio is brunette and has straight hair. She has a slim figure and medium brown hair, with a cute cut. The exact age of the model is not known. Check her photo using the link in the article.

Tess Antonio biography

Tess Antonio, a Filipino actress of renown, is well known. She was a star in the 2007 film Kokey. She will continue to be successful in her upcoming films. She is known for her films Mutya (2011) and Lorenzo’s Time (2012).

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Tess Antonio Famous films

Here’s a list with some of the most famous films in which Tess Antonio has acted. Tess Antonio’s most famous films are Love Spell (2006), Ang Probinsyano (2015), and Wildflower (2017).

Tess Antonio Age

Tess Antonio has a busy acting career, and she is also active on her social media pages. She has many fans on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Her personal information was not disclosed anywhere.

Tess Antonio’s Facebook page has 8,4K users with the name Tess Antonio. She shares interesting film clips regularly on her page. Her last Facebook post was made on December 25, 2022. She posted the video for 9:39 minutes with hashtag #WishKoLangNinang. She also mentioned Babae, sinugod ang nanay ng kanyang inaanak! This was broadcasted on the 24th of December 2022.

Tess Antonio Tess Antonio

Tess Antonio has worked as a television actress, film/theatre actress, and commercial model. She is active on Instagram. She has a user name of @tessantonio on Instagram. She never mentioned her partner, parents or any other personal information. She has published 890 posts to date. The majority of her posts include her photos and her outings. She also posts pictures of friends, family and special moments in her life. She has 10,4K followers on Instagram.

Tess Antonio net worth

We searched the web to find Tess Antonio’s Wiki information. Tess’s Antonio age ,DOB and her parents were not mentioned. We received a list of films in which Tess Antonio appeared and her salary. Tess Antonio has a net worth of approximately one million dollars.


Tess Antonio, a Filipino actress of renown, is well known. She is a television, film actress and commercial model. Love Spell was the first film to be well-known for its success and reach. Tess Antonio’s details can be found by clicking the link.

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