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The 4 Most Popular Types of Packaging Boxes

You can make all the difference for your customers by selecting the right Mail Packaging for your products. Make sure you get them something they’ll like and enjoy.

How can I choose the best material for packaging? What is the best way to choose which one to use? Different types offer benefits and drawbacks, each with its own pros and cons. The details of these will be discussed below.

Some packaging materials work well for some products and not for others: aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and paperboard boxes are examples. Choosing what you want to sell and your personal preference will determine your decision.

Rigid Boxes

A rigid box is one of the most popular packaging options available in the market today. Retail stores use them to transport a variety of items, from clothes to books to toys. Their versatility makes them the most popular type of packaging. One of the disadvantages of these packages is that they take more time to manufacture. They are therefore more expensive because of this. If they were to consider them as an option, it would be prudent to consider this aspect of their selection when doing so.

Cardboard Boxes

There are many uses for cardboard boxes, including discs, books, and CDs. To see what’s inside, you open the lid on the top or bottom of the box, usually made of thick cardboard. In general, custom made boxes are the best option if you need some kind of protection for your items because they offer protection against moisture.

Corrugated Boxes

A type of cardboard used for shipping is corrugated fiberboard. In comparison to Kraft paper, it provides a higher level of protection. In cases such as electronics and mirrors, you may want extra padding if you are shipping fragile items. This material has a downside: it is expensive. It may vary in price with the amount you purchase. As a rule, this type of packaging will cost double that of other ones.

Kraft Boxes

Despite folding or flattening its original shape, Kraft paper maintains its shape. Buying in bulk and what grade/quality level it has gone through are the two primary advantages of this type of packaging. To protect your Kraft boxes and what’s inside, you should make sure that they have lids. The only disadvantage would be that fragile items would have no cushioning inside the box to reduce the chance of them shattering in transit.

Other Popular Materials 

Aluminum Foil

Large sheets of aluminum foil are available in rolls that have an adhesive side for sticking to baking trays, such as cupcake tins. Because it doesn’t stick to food easily, it’s also great for wrapping leftovers. Food shipping, however, is not ideal with aluminum foil due to its inability to withstand moisture.

Stretch Film

Other popular packaging materials include stretch film and bubble wrap. When you open your package, you won’t find any nasty surprises because it wraps around the box and seals it shut. There is also a downside to this kind of packaging. Thus, the environmental impact increases over time since they contain non-recyclable plastic.

Plastic Bags

The use of a plastic bag instead of an envelope or box is an option if you need to send something by mail. It is vital to keep in mind that these bags are also non-recyclable, so you should keep that in mind. Plastic bags are lightweight and easy to handle, making them an ideal choice for sending items through the mail. It is also considerably more affordable as compared to cardboard and tape while having the same properties. 

In addition to their flimsiness, plastic bags are also fragile, which makes them easy to tear or get ripped during use. In other words, if you drop your item when it is in the process of being shipped, it could end up falling out and causing its loss. The bag may also get wet during rainy days because, while delivering your letter, the bag could become wet from the water that seeps through it. In addition, this can potentially get into anything inside, resulting in everything inside rotting.

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