The 7 Best Word Card Games to Play With Friends

While Scrabble might be the most famous word game on the market, some people out there are undoubtedly tired of being beaten by someone who uses three X’s on a triple-word score. Fret-not, there are numerous Scrabble alternatives on the market. 

There are also several word games that combine the brainpower required for Scrabble with the excitement of card games. If you are looking to play games on a Friday night, here are the best word card games to play right now. 

Cards Against Humanity 

Cards Against Humanity became an overnight sensation from the moment it was released. The game is very simple, with every player drawing seven white cards that have a massive variety of words and sayings on them. 

The player who plays first chooses a black question card and plays it face up. The players must then choose the funniest or most risque word to fill in the gap left on the question card. The player who played the question card then chooses the funniest answer. 

The appeal of Cards Against Humanity is how funny, cute, dark, or anything in between that, you want to be. It is a great party game, with answers only getting more and more ridiculous as play goes on. 

Triple Tongue Twister 

Combining Go Fish and tongue twisters, Triple Tongue Twister is a card game that requires you to collect cards of a certain color to complete sets. When completed, these sets will have all the words to a very tricky tongue twister. 

The tongue twisters and card sets vary in difficulty too, and you can only win the set and the points that come with the set if you are able to say the tongue twister as fast as you can three times. 

30 Seconds

Another classic word card game, 30 Seconds requires fast, out-of-the-box thinking if you want to win. You can play in pairs or groups, and in each round, a player draws a card that will have a list of names, places, events, or simple objects. 

The person who drew the card must then try to describe the words on the list without saying the word. 30 Seconds is a game of word association. Players not only have to figure out the sometimes obscure clues but must also think fast to explain words or phrases that can get incredibly obscure. 


Pictionary is not only a word game, but it will also put your drawing skills to the test. Players can team up in pairs or in groups, and in each round, one player draws a card that will have a word or name on it. 

The player who drew the card then has to draw what the word says, and their team must guess as quickly as possible. Pictionary is the perfect combination of a game like 30 Seconds, with the twist of needing to draw. 

Letter Tycoon

Letter Tycoon is a type of word game that you didn’t think existed. Letter Tycoon requires players to draw cards and form words with the letters in their hands, like many word games. The twist is that you are able to patent the letters you use. 

These patents give you special abilities and powers that help you win, with the challenge being to form words and to patent and control the best letters to give you the best powers. 

Spell Smashers

Spell Smashers is an amazing combination of a word game and Dungeons and Dragons. Players fight their way to victory, defeating monsters and enemies to win victory points and gold. However, there is a twist. 

Instead of doing the typical dice rolling associated with other tabletop RPGs, in Spell Smashers, players must compete to spell the longest word using the cards in hand. Whoever wins the word game gets to travel into the dungeons on the hunt for glory. 


Letterpress is a word game that requires you to spell the best words, but with the random nature of drafting cards. Players pass around a stack of five cards, picking one and passing the rest to the person next to them. 

You will then finish with five cards, and using three cards on the table that everyone shares, players create a word. Players share their words at the same time, and the hand with the most points wins. No two games are ever the same, and the fact that a lasting strategy can’t be formed means you are always kept guessing as to what will happen next. 

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