The 8 Best Sites for Making Cartoon Avatars

A lot of 90’s kids probably remember creating an avatar that resembled them (just a little). With photo scanning technology, you can now get a cartoon friend just like you instantly. Here are 8 sites that can assist you.

1. Zmoji

You can create an avatar of yourself using just a picture of yourself using Zmoji, an app for creating avatars in two styles. It’s also possible to customize your personal avatar by hand. Sharing images is extremely easy with the app’s keyboard.

It is possible to create an avatar of yourself for Free on the Zmoji website.


Almost any type of photograph can be used on this site, including photos of people to make an avatar or photos of landscapes, buildings, cars, pets, etc. 

Easily turn your photos into sketches, paintings, and cartoons with AI-powered effects.

3. Image to Cartoon

This image to cartoon converter allows you to create a cartoon avatars of yourself for free. With just a few clicks, you can transform an image into a avatar using the Image to Cartoon web-based app. An AI cartoonizer is capable of converting your face into an anime or cartoon. Images can be converted in a matter of seconds.

Its AI cartoon technology sets it apart from its competitors. Increase productivity and creativity with AI Image to Cartoon software.

The Trendstorys site has a detailed review that provides more details.

4. SP- Studio

Refers to the animated cartoon South Park, which is infamous in Colorado. You can create your own avatar in the style of the show. Aside from the artwork being very high quality and looking exactly like the characters from the show, it is also free to use. Fans of South Park must try it.

5. Photolamus

Artwork has exaggerated features like eyes and ears, and it only accepts photos of people. You might have seen caricatures like this in tourist hot spots. However, this is the only service that does not come free.

6. Kusocartoon

Using this website, you can turn any photo into a cartoon, either in black and white or in full color. It has a similar look to a comic book. The interface is very simple.

7. Befunky

From a photo to a cartoon in one click, befunky’s tagline gives a concise summary of what it does. In comparison to our other, simpler options, this app has a lot of filters and other tools to experiment with.

Befunky is a great application because it lets you adjust the intensity of the effects by moving a slider. However, you have to pay to use this cartoon yourself app. If you want to download the results, you need to go premium.


Aside from turning photos into avatars, this site offers social media news, filters, and mask effects. 

Aside from turning your photos into watercolor drawings, you can also morph your face on this amazing site. You will be able to change your face expressions by uploading your photo on the website.


We hope you enjoyed our list of free avatar websites! I normally use Image to Cartoon and cartoonizer to create avatars, cartoons. They works best for all photos as per my experience with them.

Let us know which is your favorite! We’d love to hear from you!

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