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The Basic Features of Vintage Record Players from 50ies

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Most of the time we like to buy things that our parents used to own. Vintage turntables are the only ones that have been well-known for their sound quality and impressive resilience to time wear-off. That’s why there is a great movement from younger people to own the turntables that have been manufactured through the golden age of the 1950ies. 

If you want to buy the vintage record players 1950s you will be thrilled by the variety of options and the endless possibilities. People like to reproduce their old vinyl records that their parents and grandparents used to own and listen to when they wanted to cheer up. However, you need to know the special features of these turntables that are common with those produced during these years. 

Appealing Appearance

The first turntables manufactured right after World War II was a lot more presentable than before the world war era. People who knew about music thought that turntables are more likely to be placed in a living room, where visitors will see them all day. That’s why the primary concern of all manufacturers would be to give them fancy colors and very vivid imprints.

If you manage to find the turntables that were made through the roaring 50ies, then you will possibly have an artifact that would be there in your living room for a long time. Most of these devices are sold in auctions and have higher prices than those you could have adopted in the past. This appealing appearance makes them ideal for gifts to older people, simply to remind them of the beautiful era they have been through and make them look a lot more retro style.

High Durability

You have possibly heard that turntables made during the 50ies are more durable than the ones made today. That happens because actual men controlled all the manufacturing processes, and there was no robot intervening in the whole procedure. All the materials were perfectly shaped and put together to present a turntable that would operate smoothly at all times. 

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Older materials had a higher endurance compared to the newest ones. Plastic was a lot harder than today, and noble metals had no other mixtures in their substance. That’s why you can still enjoy a highly durable and extreme quality turntable that can reproduce all the vinyl records without any compromise to the sound quality. 

Standards of Materials

Older manufacturers used to have higher standards for their materials used. The turntables produced during the 50ies were more solid, water repellent, and durable than any other device you may have bought during these years. Companies used to have stricter standards in buying raw materials, and that is why the prices used to be up and less affordable for the median worker to buy at these years. However, that high standard of materials made these turntables last for a longer time and be operable even these days when people try to revive their parents’ vinyl records.

Impressive Design

The impressive design is a self-explanatory term to justify the great wave of people who want a vintage turntable from the 50ies. People try to find the innovation of all the art workers that has been integrated into the design of these turntables. It’s necessary to know that all the turntables produced in the 20th century have passed an exhausting quality check. The designers have used all their innovation and creativity to produce high-end devices that are both operable and appealing.

Ability to Reproduce All Types Of Vinyl Records

During the 50ies many types of vinyl records have started entering the market. Smaller or bigger, these vinyl records were on the market simultaneously for several years. And that is why you may have ended with multiple types of records as your heritage from your parents. These vintage turntables had the chance to reproduce music from all kinds of vinyl records without taking into account their size or shape. It’s a lot easier to have a vintage (retro) turntable that can play any record than having two different ones that ultimately serve the same needs.  

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Record Low Energy Consumption

There were no chipsets developed back in the 50ies. That’s why all these retro turntables used the lamps to create their circuits and make them work. Lamps have a record low energy consumption, and that is a prerequisite for modern use. Today we are used to having chipsets in all the devices we buy online. These vintage turntables are easy to operate even when you only have a small battery set, and there is virtually no connection to the power grid. The record low energy consumption is a certain plus for many people who want to play their music outdoors without a direct power connection.

Availability of Spare Parts

Finally, there are many spare parts for these vintage turntables. Developers in the 50ies were lucky to have many alternatives for the spare parts they were forced to use in their turntables creation. Today the abundance of vintage turntables from that time (and other devices that share the same parts) gives a sufficient flow of spare parts to modern buyers. That makes them a lot more confident that spare parts will be found when there is a malfunction to their turntable, and they need to fix it right away and without spending a fortune.

Vintage turntables exist to offer their greatness to all music lovers and make them more focused on quality rather than quantity. 

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