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The Best Online Community Platforms

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Looking for a place to connect, share ideas, and collaborate with others online? There are a wide range of platforms available that can help you do just that. Here is a list of some of the best online community platforms, along with information about how they work and the many benefits they offer.


Discourse is one of the most popular options for online communities, thanks to its powerful features and intuitive interface. With Discourse, members can participate in discussions, create posts and comments, follow other users and receive notifications when new content is posted, upload files or images, and more. Another key benefit of Discourse is its flexibility – it can be easily customised to suit your needs and brand identity.


Thinkific offers another great option for online communities, with tools that make it easy to create and manage courses. With Thinkific, you can set up your own learning environment where members can discover new topics, enroll in courses, and interact with instructors or other learners. Additional features include discussion boards, course announcements, quizzes, certificates of completion, video integration, and more.

3.Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is another popular platform for online communities that offers a unique combination of community building and content monetisation tools. This platform makes it easy to build an engaged audience around any topic or interest by connecting people with shared interests through a customisable member directory. In addition to these community-building features, Mighty Networks also offers monetisation options such as sponsored posts and advertising opportunities.


Tribe is another powerful platform for online communities, with tools that make it easy to connect and collaborate with others on any topic. Tribe members can create their own profile pages and join or start a group based on their interests. In addition, users can also share files and images, post updates, send direct messages, comment on posts, and more.


Aluminati is another popular option for creating an online community, thanks to its many features and customisability. This platform offers user profiles, groups where members can interact with one another based on shared interests, forums for discussions and collaboration, file sharing options, member activity tracking and notifications, live chats, activity feed widgets for your website or blog page, support resources such as documentation and FAQs, and more


Slack is another well-loved platform for online communities that offers a range of powerful features to help you connect, communicate, and collaborate. With Slack, you can create different channels or groups based on project, department, or topic – this makes it easy to keep conversations organised and focused. Other key features include direct messaging between users, video calls for face-to-face meetings or collaboration sessions, file sharing options such as document storage and integration with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, searchable archives of past communications in case you need to refer back to previous discussions or information shared by members within your community

7.Facebook Groups

Of course, no list of best online community platforms would be complete without mentioning Facebook Groups. This popular platform offers a range of tools that make it easy to connect with others, including groups based on general interests, hobbies or passions, schools and workplaces, and more. In addition to chatting and posting content in these groups, members can also send direct messages or private group invitations to one another.


Peerboard is another great option for online communities, offering features such as forums, chat rooms, and file sharing. With Peerboard, you can create your own profile page to share information about yourself or your work, post status updates and comment on content others have shared within the community, follow other users to receive notifications when they post new content or reply to comments you make on their posts, upload files or images to share with the community, and more.


Discord is a popular platform for building online communities that offers powerful features such as group and direct messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, community forums and discussion boards, and more. Whether you are looking to connect with others in your industry or around shared interests or hobbies, Discord makes it easy to create an engaged and active community of like-minded individuals

10.Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums is another great option for creating an online community, offering many useful features including member profiles, groups where members can interact with one another based on their interests and hobbies, topic-based forums for focused discussions on specific subjects or topics of interest, content tagging options so users can easily find other relevant posts or topics within the community, and more. With Vanilla Forums, members can easily connect and collaborate with one another to drive meaningful conversations and shared experiences.


So whether you are looking to build a professional or personal online community, there are many great options available to help you get started and engage your community members. Whether you’re looking for powerful features for collaboration, discussion, file sharing, or more, these platforms have something for everyone!

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