The Best Prescription Sunglasses Right Now

It can be tough enough to find sunglasses that fit your needs. But what about finding designer prescription sunglasses that will protect your eyes? Fortunately, there are some great options available now that cater to those with sensitive eyes. This blog post will explore the best prescription sunglasses right now and tell you all about their features.

What are the best designer prescription sunglasses right now?

When choosing the best designer prescription sunglasses, remember a few things. The type of lens you need and the frame style are both important factors. Prescription sunglasses come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Finding the right pair that fits your face is important.

Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for prescription sunglasses:

The type of lens you need will depend on your eyesight. You’ll either need progressive lenses or bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses provide more coverage than bifocals and are usually better for people with less severe vision problems. A progressive lens may be the best choice if you have a high-pitched voice or nearsightedness because it offers increased distance vision.

Types of Prescription Sunglasses

Various prescription sunglasses are available on the market, from wrap-around sunglasses to aviators. 

Wrap-around Sunglasses

Wrap-around sunglasses are designed for people with prescriptions that extend around their eyeglasses. They provide complete coverage and offer great protection from the sun’s rays.


Aviators are perfect for people who want to take their sunglasses anywhere. They feature a wide frame that covers most of your eyes and a nose piece that helps keep the glasses in place. They’re also easy to wear and don’t require any adjustment once you’ve put them on.

Half-Frame Sunglasses

Half-frame sunglasses are a great option if you have a medium or large prescription but prefer not to wear full-frame sunglasses because they feel too bulky or restrictive. Half-frame glasses have a narrower frame which sit closer to your face, providing more coverage than full-frame glasses while still being stylish and convenient to wear.

What to Look for in a Good Pair of Sunglasses

First and foremost, make sure the sunglasses fit comfortably on your face. Second, consider the style of sunglasses you want. Third, be sure the lenses provide good UV protection. Fourth, be sure the frames are lightweight and durable. Finally, consider price and availability when making your purchase.

Here is a list of some of the specific features to look for when choosing prescription sunglasses:

  • Fit: Make sure the sunglasses fit comfortably on your face. The glasses should sit low on your brow bone and not tilt up or down on your nose.
  • Style: Consider what kind of sunglasses you want. There are many styles to choose from, including aviator, wrap-around, rimless rectangular, cat-eye, and more.
  • Lens Protection: Be sure the lens provides good UV protection against harmful sun rays. Many glasses come with several lenses that offer varying levels of UVA and UVB radiation protection.
  • Frames: The frames should be lightweight and durable so they don’t cause discomfort when worn for extended periods. Polycarbonate is a common material used in structures for sunglasses because it is strong yet lightweight.
  • Price & Availability: Price is essential when selecting prescription sunglasses because not all brands offer affordable options. Additionally, be aware that certain styles or lens types may not be available in all stores or at all prices.

How to Choose the Right Size of Prescription Sunglasses

First, choose the size that is comfortable for you. Second, consider your face shape. Third, make sure the frame width and height fit your head comfortably. Fourth, ensure the lenses are placed close to your eyes so they don’t distort your vision. Fifth, consider the style of prescription sunglasses you want: aviator or wrap-around. Finally, take your prescription with you when you shop for sunglasses to ensure they properly fit.

What is designer prescription sunglasses?

Designer prescription sunglasses are sunglasses made to be worn by someone with vision correction needs. These glasses are typically more expensive than other types of sunglasses. Still, they are often worth the investment because they offer better protection against the sun and better clarity of vision.

Some of the features that distinguish designer prescription sunglasses from other types of sunglasses include the following:
They are usually made from a more durable material than other sunglasses. It will help them last longer and resist damage from impacts or scratches.
They typically have a higher degree of clarity than other types of sunglasses, allowing people wearing them to see more clearly in conditions where visibility is limited.
They may also have features that improve the wearer’s ability to see in low-light conditions or during hours when sunlight is not shining.


Whether you’re looking for new sunglasses for everyday use or a special one, SmartBuyGlasses provide high-quality prescription sunglasses you want to use. When finding the best designer prescription sunglasses, it’s important to consider more than just price. There are several factors to consider when trying to find the perfect pair, including style, fit, and glare reduction. 

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