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The Different Styles of welded wire fence

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Wire fencing can be used in many ways and is not unusual. There are many different types of wire fences. It can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Although you may be familiar with the various types of wire fencing available, you may not be aware of all of their uses.

Our welded wire fence, woven wire fence, knotted fence, and hardware cloth all fall under this category.

The fence product is made through welding, weaving, and other methods using bare wire. Zinc galvanization is applied to an entire roll after production.

Welded wire fence is so diverse that it can even be used in the home for repairs. You can use it to fill cracks in the walls. You will take the welded wire and fill the crack with it. Then you will use filler to cover the crack and the welded wire. The filler will adhere and stay so that the crack will be patched when the filler is dry.

Many people are also familiar with barbed wire. Herds of animals are corralled with this type of fencing on properties spanning hundreds of acres. It is usually horses or cows, and the owners of these farms will use wire to prevent the loss of their livestock.   Barbed wire can also be used to mark territories.Many may also use this to stop humans from entering areas.

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Welded wire  can be found at the top of many fences that are trying to keep their equipment from being stolen. A type of wire that is even more of a deterrent is razor wire. Many correctional institutions will use razor wire because it will cut a person more severely than barbed wire would.

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These are not the only types of wire fencing that are available by any means. Know what your fence needs are before purchasing a new fence so you get the correct style. This will keep your family and your animal’s safe by having the right kind of fence for them if that is the intended use. Using the correct type of fence makes sense in all aspects of life no matter if it is to protect a garden or a pool.

There are many types of Wire Fencing that are used for many different projects. Trying to decide the correct type of wire fencing for your needs can be tough because of the amount of different types of fencing. Some of these types of fences may be common and known to many. To get more info on Wire Fencing visit: critterfence.com/wire-fence

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