The eKrona trading platform

The eKrona is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that is the only exclusive exchange and trade platform for the one and only government-supported eKrona. Ek Rona is the first and the only cryptocurrency that has been introduced into the market which is going to be accepted by the governments in European Union the financial policy of the governments in European union is shifting from traditional financial system to digital finance system the new digital finance system comes with unlimited benefits and features which and you security of data and security of transaction it will revolutionize the finance system of world that will lead the world toward progress and prosperity the new digital system is going to make things easy for every human being on earth so the important point here is that the eKrona cryptocurrency hai abhi potential of providing big profit as the return on investment there is a big crowd of people who have already invested in the coin which gave them a lot of benefits being the early adaptor of the new era the investors are able to lead the markets so it is a big opportunity for everyone on the planet to grow their money with zero efforts this is not a promise by the platform but the technology used in it is able to give you some accurate and in death inside so that you learn about your decision and make them as beneficiary for you as possible

How to join?

The eKrona app is the exclusive and official exchange and trade platform for eKrona cryptocurrency you can buy and sell as well as you can hold the currency until you decide went to sell it you are free to use it where ever you want to use you can choose when and how to trade it to get goods and services from other accepting parties more on that the low prices of the new cryptocurrency are one of the biggest benefits for new investors with the little amount of money the new investors can buy a bunch of coins that will be there as much as they want to keep them so there is nothing Mission Impossible like things you don’t need to be James Bond or you don’t have to learn Rocket Science to start your trading right now 

1 register your free account

You need to take these three simple steps to get your hands on profits

The first step to joining the ecosystem is to register yourself on the official website there you will have to give a little inform personal information about yourself you will have to provide only your name your Email address your mobile number and the country of residency where you are living now the process is so simple and self-explanatory that as you feel the registration form you can create your free account this is not like real estate where you have filled a bag of papers when you are going to make an investment all the information needed to create your free account is the information described earlier

2 deposit funds

Before you deposit your capital funds that will verify your personal and email information after verification you will be given your free account and you can add your bank account there so that you can transfer your funds to your trading account this is like a piece of cake all you have to do is attach your account and add minimum 250 into your trading account there are no deposit feed detection on the app

3 learn from the demo account

Before and after depositing your funds into your trading account you can use the free demo account provided by eKrona.

The demo account will teach you the basic concepts of trading online and also it will teach you how to use the app without using your actual money the demo account will provide you free capital files which cannot be withdrawn you can only use them in the demo account provides you real-time market data given by the artificial intelligence of the Year and teachers you how to read analyze this data to make easy decisions for your trades.

4 start your trading

When you have successfully deposited your initial capital fund and you have learned and gained some experience about how to use the app you can now place your trades boy and sir official legal cryptocurrency of Europe and all around the world eKrona.

You can make a purchase and you can also sell the coin whenever you want the artificial intelligence developed by the experts of online trading will lead you toward accurate data and insights which you can use to make your next trading decisions by the passage of some time who will easily learn how to create on your on to start your trading today visit the official website of the eKrona.

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