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‘The Flight Attendant’, Renewed By HBO Max: The Comic Thriller Starring Kaley Cuoco Will Have Season 2

Stewardess Cassie Bowden will continue to make bad decisions for another season. HBO Max has announced the renewal for season 2 of ‘ The Flight Attendant ‘, the light thriller starring Kaley Cuoco. A decision that comes just after the series ended its first season on the platform (here HBO Spain).

Although my impressions of the series were not enthusiastic, it managed to find a good audience for this mixture of thriller and black comedy that Steve Yockey proposed. The result, although in my opinion, it did not quite hit the spot, it was quite entertaining.

‘The Flight Attendant’ is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Chris Bohjalian. A book whose rights Kaley Cuoco got practically in how much she found out that it existed, months before its publication in March 2018. A very important project because it is the first that the actress embarks on as a producer after the end of ‘ The Big Bang Theory. ‘

So a new adventure is coming about which we have no more information, but Yockey acknowledges that the tone is already set and that with the unexpected reception of the series he wants to explore new scenarios for the character and dig deeper into his head:
“Look, our show’s trademark is, after eight episodes” Cassie Makes Bad Decisions “so I think even as she tries to get sober and really make a change in her life, it’s still going to be entertaining to watch. to this person who makes choices that you would not make »

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