The great Osvaldo Ardiles

It is quite common to see Argentinian football players in England. Punters can visit – try online bet on the exciting Premier League and other English football competitions.

Osvaldo Ardiles is considered as a legend of Tottenham Hotspur. He played on that team between 1978 and 1988. He also had a short spell as coach of the team between 1993 and 1994. It is possible to try an online bet on the 1xBet website on this team.

A difficult moment between England and Argentina

Here politics will be kept to an absolute minimum. It will just be said that in 1982 England and Argentina fought a war for the disputed territory of the Falkland Islands. Needless to say, this had a profound impact on Ardiles. He was playing at Tottenham while his native country and the nation where he was living at the moment were at conflict. All Tottenham matches can be wagered on the website.

However, the midfielder had already earned legend status in Tottenham. For this reason, there was no toxicity in the relationship between him and fans of the team. Quite the contrary, as the followers of the squad showed unconditional support for their idol. This created a love story between the team and the player. Whenever Tottenham plays, you can wager on it at the 1xBet betting platform.

Later career and accident

Ardiles left Tottenham in 1988. After 10 years in the London squad, he found new horizons in the United States, Wales and even Thailand. He also had a brief spell at Queens Park Rangers between 1988 and 1989. Before the next game of this team, punters can go to the 1xBet website – bet live casino and try its incredible games out.

The teams where the Argentinian played after his spell in England were:

  • the Fort Lauderdale Strikers;
  • Swindon Town;
  • and Bangkok F.C.

The story of Osvaldo Ardiles at Tottenham is really interesting. Especially when considering the situation between Argentina and England in the political sphere. By the way, the live bet casino of the 1xBet website can be explored while waiting for the next Argentinian or English football match.

A famous sports channel decided to make a documentary of Ardiles’ spell at Tottenham. While recording the film, he traveled to the Falkland Islands many years after the conflict. His cousin had died serving for the Argentinian army. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious car accident while on the islands. He was badly hurt, but alive. He spent a few days in a hospital, and was later extremely thankful to the British citizens who helped him during that difficult situation. This proves that football can overcome national boundaries and disputes.

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