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Children grow. It’s what they do. But what do you do when your child outgrows their clothes faster than you can replace them? Enter The Little Loop, the UK’s leading sustainable, shared wardrobe for children. Founded by the enterprising Charlotte Morley, this business is transforming the landscape of children’s fashion.

What is The Little Loop?

The Little Loop is a pioneering rental service for all types of children’s clothing. The company stemmed from the concern Charlotte Morley felt when she saw how quickly her children grew out of their clothes. With children regularly having growth spurts, parents find themselves in a constant cycle of buying new clothes. The Little Loop offers a solution to this problem by providing a monthly subscription for just £18. In return, parents receive clothes worth £165 from esteemed brands like Little Green Radicals, Polarn O. Pyret, and Frugi.

Why Has The Little Loop Gained Popularity?

One of the most compelling reasons for the success of The Little Loop is its eco-friendly and budget-conscious approach to fashion. The brand ensures there’s no compromise on quality or cost, allowing parents to shop sustainably without denting their wallets. This unique blend of affordability and eco-consciousness has resonated with a large number of parents, making The Little Loop a preferred choice.

What Happened on Dragons’ Den?

Charlotte Morley’s appearance on Dragons’ Den was nothing short of memorable. With an initial pitch of £70,000 for a 7.5% stake in the company, the Dragons were immediately taken by Charlotte’s vision. Recognizing the environmental impact and addressing the issue of fast-fashion, she piqued the interest of multiple Dragons.

Deborah Meaden offered the full amount for a 12.5% stake, mirroring Sara Davies’ offer. Tuka Suliman and Stephen Bartlett offered the same amount but for 15% of the company. In an unexpected twist, Charlotte, bolstered by the interest, proposed a counter-offer of £140,000 in total from Deborah and Stephen for a collective 12.5% stake. Her confidence paid off when both Dragons agreed.

How Has the Media Responded?

The media attention on The Little Loop has been nothing short of phenomenal. The company has been featured in renowned publications such as The Daily Mail, The Independent, Forbes, and The Sun. Awards like the Junior Design Awards and the Marie Claire Sustainability award stand testament to the company’s success and innovation.

Where Does The Little Loop Stand Today?

From its humble inception during the lockdown in April 2020, The Little Loop has gone on to achieve monumental success. Not only has the company expanded its reach, but it’s also become a beacon for sustainable fashion, especially in the children’s segment. Its ever-growing media attention and the increasing customer base are a testament to its growing impact in the fashion industry.

The Little Loop is more than just a clothing rental service; it’s a movement towards sustainable fashion. By addressing the rapid outgrowing of children’s clothes and the environmental impact of disposable fashion, Charlotte Morley and her company are paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. And if the past is any indication, the future looks incredibly promising for The Little Loop.

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