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A Touch of Brass: The Best Mobile Custom Metal Fabrication and Installation Company in Cloverdale, BC

1. Dust Collection Systems and Ventilation

A Touch of Brass understands the importance of a safe and clean working environment and will work with you to find the perfect, most affordable solution for your air management needs.

They prioritize quality by using trusted brands like Nordfab and Nederman.

Furthermore, they don’t discriminate when it comes to troubleshooting.

They offer assistance for any issues you may have with your dust collection and ventilation needs – from design to permit and everything in-between.

As a result, their expertise, and attention to detail, ensure you have a cleaner, safer, and more productive workplace.

2. Paint Booths

If you’re looking to provide your clients with products featuring impeccable finishes, A Touch of Brass provides and installs paint booths. 

They design these paint booths to accommodate your custom requirements while prioritizing value and safety. 

The ventilation systems in the paint booths capture overspray and control fumes to prevent the accumulation of hazardous particles and promote sufficient airflow.

The sufficient airflow allows for an appropriately controlled atmosphere, providing ventilation, containment, and adherence to safety rules during painting activities.

Choose A Touch of Brass for Your Metal Fabrication Needs

A Touch of Brass has a comprehensive range of services, from dust collection systems, sanding rooms, and paint booths to exhaust systems and ventilation.

They also do custom steel fabrication.

Additionally, they deliver your project on time while prioritizing quality, and affordability.

Contact A Touch of Brass today and let them design your customized projects.

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