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The Most Expensive Portuguese Homes

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In some areas in Portugal real estate  is not only expensive but are also luxurious assets. Although many expensive properties are sited in Lisbon, you can still get some million Euros houses in Algarve.

However, no matter how expensive these houses get, there are always buyers for them. People with a D3 Visa in Portugal that earn a professional contract can choose to stay in these properties after getting a resident permit. These expensive Portuguese homes could serve as a form of investment.

Algarve Seafront Villa

If you want some striking and outstanding sea view from any part of a house, the Villa in Albufeira has this quality. The building’s measurement is about 407m2 with a large compound of 5,289 square meters.

Thus, research has proved that the compound could accommodate nuclear and extended family members. However, be ready to spend up to €24,500,000 to make the house yours.

Quinta do Lago, Algarve

A villa is located in this region, with an area of 1,500m2. The mansion is exclusive, with eight big bedrooms. Interestingly, the house residents also have access to exclusive fun, such as spas, cinemas, and pools. 

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and Nature Reserve from the house balcony. The garden is also large and extends to the beautiful lake view. The security level in the mansion is tight, coupled with the installed automated technology. 

Thus, only authorized individuals could gain access to the building. It is no doubt that the €14,500,000 price of this house is worth the value, considering the luxurious amenities.

Palacete in Elvas

This house has a beautiful nature view, with green elements surrounding it. The architectural design follows a French pattern, with stables for horse keeping. The house is the perfect description of a luxurious farmhouse with comfortable habitat for horses. 

Palacete’s land is about 90,000 m2, with access to a large swimming pool and several little villas. Thus, the little villas can help guests stay independent of one another. If you have a unique architectural skill, you can get a D3 visa from Portugal to grant you access to one of these places in Lisbon. 

The house costs about €12,600,000, so be ready to spend a lot of money to get this luxury.

Paço de Arcos, Lisbon

Lisbon houses the most beautiful properties in Portugal, so it is not surprising that the likes of XIX Century Farmhouse are sited there. This building has existed since 1860 and was built on a land of 5.589 m2. It has a mini recreational section at the front end of the house. 

The building is also known for its clock tower, which is why it is named XIX. This mansion costs about 15 million Euros and can only be owned by people of the high social class in Portugal.

Quinta da Marinha, Cascais

The swimming pool in this house is large enough to contain more than twenty people. It has four bedrooms, which are en-suite with big bathrooms. The home also has an ample parking space, which can contain up to four cars. 

This project is set towards contemporary building elements, with a construction area of 1100 m2. The house is significantly built with excellent touch and exposure to the sunrise sun from the south. The house can become yours if you have an eligible D3 visa in Portugal and a financial capacity of €16 million. 

This house is situated in Quinta da Marinha which is a wealthy region, close to the Atlantic Ocean, downtown Cascais, and Lisbon.

Herdade da Aroeira

This contemporary house is located in the heart of Portugal. The apartment flourished with a golf resort, with a beautiful view of pine trees and lakes. Four people can comfortably live here, with access to independent bathrooms. The house also has a well-designed dining table outside, making it a perfect choice for summer vacation. 

You can enjoy several water activities, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, and make a special sunset meal. This house is available for €3,200,000 and is not restricted to any potential buyer. However, you need to show proof of your income to confirm your legibility.

T3 Villa, Cascais

This luxurious project is on sale for €1,350,000 and is located within Quinta das Patinhas. The villa is built for multipurpose, with excellent solar lightning. If your d3 visa in Portugal could successfully yield a well-paying job, this house is worth the money. 

The rooms in this house are enormous, including the exquisite terrace connected to the pool area. You can also access a private pool and garden, allowing you to explore as much leisure time as possible. The architectural design is perfect for a family vacation or a big, upper-class town event.

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