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The New Wedding Dressing Rules for Men

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Suits have always been the go-to for most men during weddings, but that idea is fast changing. In these times, men are bolder with their fashion sense; there’s a lot more to go with. There are still rules, though, for dressing for men at weddings.

The new rules are more or less like breaking the old ones. You can be as bold as you wish with your dressing as a man at weddings, and here are rules to follow. The rules can ensure your wedding is the talk of the town in the end.

Don’t Feel Like You Have To Wear A Suit

Unless you’re in the wedding party—or, at least, a regular invite to your friends’ formal-attire celebrations—you’re probably not wearing a suit very often. Weddings are often the only chance for dudes to dress up with their bros. It can be tempting to go all out and look like a million bucks.

But there are some rules for dressing for weddings these days: A tie feels too stuffy; you want your look to feel excellent but not overdone. You also don’t want to show up looking like you were trying too hard; instead, tuck a pair of Gucci link chain under your shirt.

Consider Lighter Tones for Spring/Summer Weddings

It’s the season of spring and summer weddings. Armed with these tips, you’ll be ready to make a statement while still looking super sharp.

A light-colored suit is a great choice for summer—it’s got that ’50s Palm Springs vibe. It also looks modern and minimal when paired with a crisp white or light blue dress shirt. Lighter tones also open up your options for coordinating with accessories such as pocket squares, ties, and cufflinks.

Emulate the Couple’s Style

Unless the wedding you’re attending is black tie or theme-based, the invitation should provide clues as to how formal an affair will be. And if it doesn’t, other wedding pieces–like the location or tone of a wedding website–should help fill in any blanks. If you have any questions about what to wear, don’t be afraid to ask members of the bridal party for advice.

They know exactly what you should wear because they’ve likely been communicating with one another about their outfits.

Stick To A Tailored, Slimmer Fit

As you may have noticed, not all suits are created equal. What might be considered a ‘slim fit’ suit for one brand could be a more generous ‘tailored fit’ from another—so don’t go by the label when shopping around. The best way to tell is how the jacket and trousers fall on your body.

Sleeves should sit neatly on your arms; the hem shouldn’t extend past your hands when your arms are hanging straight at your sides, and there should never be excess fabric at the waist or on the shoulders. A slim-fitting suit is also considerably more streamlined than its tailored counterpart and easier to dress up or down.

If you’re buying off-the-rack, try things on whenever possible and double-check that all measurements correspond correctly before purchasing. If you can afford it—and want something exceptional—have a suit made bespoke by tailors.

Pack Extra Socks and Underwear

Weddings are long, sweaty days, and you’ll want a spare pair of socks to change into if yours get soaked through. If the event is an outdoor wedding, be sure to pack a clean pair of boxers if you need to take your tuxedo pants off.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Ditch the idea of a black tux and try out that blue velvet jacket you’ve been eyeing. Today, you have freedom and can have fun with the look you have on.

You can also use jewelry such as 14k gold rope chains or 10k gold chains to help you complement the color. Most of the chains can help you bring out more color to the whole look you’re rocking.

Dress for Comfort In The Spring and Summer

Think about how you’d like to feel on the wedding day, particularly if it’s taking place during warmer months. You can dress for comfort by choosing lighter fabrics and looser cuts. Opting for breathable fabrics will make your life so much easier than if you’re in something heavy and hot.

Blazers For Evening Weddings

For evening weddings, feel free to wear a blazer. Darker colors will be a good choice here, but don’t shy away from brighter ones. As the sun goes down and your surroundings darken, a lighter color will pop more in photos than during daylight hours.

If you have the opportunity to wear a jacket, you’ll stand out in photos as the best-dressed guy there. You’ll also have something that can keep you warm if it gets chilly later on. You can also have a chain peaking through your unbuttoned shirt to help to stay fresh.

Shoes and Accessories

●                    Shoes

Good wedding day footwear isn’t just a matter of style. It would be best if you also were comfortable standing, walking, dancing, and even running while wearing your shoes. Ensure you break in your shoes before the wedding, and don’t wait until a few days before the event to shop for new ones.

●                    Accessories

Your ensemble is almost complete, but it needs a few finishing touches. A watch is an essential accessory for any gentleman—especially on his wedding day. But if you’re into jewelry, you can also try cufflinks or tie clips.

No outfit is complete without a belt, so be sure yours matches your dress shoes in both color and material. Depending on the type of wedding you have, you can have a 14k gold Jesus pendant as part of the accessories or diamond earrings.


Weddings are all about getting loose and enjoying the day, even if you aren’t the one wedding. For men, you can think of plenty of ideas to help you stand out with no exception. These are some of the rules you need to follow, even if you want to be bold with your approach.

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