Everything About Lost Ark Una’s Tasks – A Complete Guide

Lost Ark has won the hearts of many with its engaging combat, exploration, and worthy progression system. The game offers a wide variety of quests, including Stronghold quests, Chain quests, Dungeon quests, Rapport quests, and more. These missions are very challenging, and players can also get Lost Ark Gold and various rewards from them. But in this guide, we’ve focused on explaining Una’s Tasks for players, and here’s everything they can know.

What Are Una’s Tasks?

Una’s Tasks is one of the many quest systems in Lost Ark, where players can complete tasks to earn various rewards, such as Combat XP, Pirate Coins, Silver, Gold, Roaster XP, and more. These quests are daily and weekly tasks players can complete earning various rewards. And players can also earn Lost Ark Gold and Pirate Coins through specifically Una’s Tasks. After they reach level 50, Una’s Tasks will be unlocked and can be accessed after pressing ALT+J or selecting “Adventure” in the bottom right corner of the screen, then selecting the “Una’s Tasks” tab.

Daily Tasks

Players can only complete 3 tasks a day, but Daily tasks reset every day. Daily tasks can be performed anywhere, and they also tell players which areas to visit to complete the task. They can activate multiple daily tasks at a time, some tasks may occur in the same location, some tasks may occur in different locations.

Completing daily tasks can get some useful material rewards, players can also get points for Una’s Tokens, and completing daily tasks can get 2 points. It also allows players to gain reputation boosts for certain NPCs in the game. For some players who want to earn Lost Ark Gold or other materials, they should not miss these daily quests.

Weekly Tasks

Players can only complete 3 weekly missions in a week, and they reset every week. But unlike Daily tasks, players can only activate one weekly task at a time. Weekly Tasks revolve around completing end-game activities like dungeons, and are often larger than daily tasks, so make sure you’re at the right level before going through your weekly tasks.

Completing weekly quests will also reward you with useful materials, and also give points that reward Una’s Tokens. Players can earn more points from weekly tasks than from daily tasks. If some players are looking for some extra gold or other materials, then they should definitely complete the Weekly Tasks.

Reputation Status

Depending on the quests players complete, it will increase their reputation with certain NPCs. This will allow players to earn some rewards, and they can also increase their reputation with certain NPCs to earn very useful Pirate Coins. It is therefore always recommended that players increase their reputation with NPCs as much as possible.

Guild Requests

Under the Guild Request tab, players will see Guild Quests available for use. If some players don’t see any Guild Quests, that means they are not a member of any guild yet. To join a guild, players need to go to Prideholme City and they will see a button that says “Community”. Then click on “Guilds”. After joining a guild, you can complete guild quests.

What Are Una’s Tokens?

Players can earn points by completing daily tasks and weekly tasks, and when they earn a certain amount of points, they can get Una’s Token. Here are the points needed to earn Una’s Token:

  • 25 points award 27 Una’s Token
  • 35 points award in another 27 Una’s Token
  • 45 points award 36 Una’s Token
  • 55 points award in another 36 Una’s Token
  • 70 points award 54 Una’s Token

If players can complete all tasks within a week, they can earn 180 Una’s Tokens. They can also skip a daily task or two, but we do not recommend this as they won’t get 70 points in a week.

Redeeming Una’s Tokens

When players claim Una’s Tokens, it’s time to spend them. For those players who forgot to claim their Una’s Token and had a reset, there is no need to refurbish this either, as they can receive an unclaimed Una’s Token in the mail. If players want to use Una’s Token, first they need to find a merchant in any major hub town, then they can use Una’s Token for a Small Safe, a Hefty gold sack, or a Large Gold Chest.

Hefty Gold Sack

If players buy the Hefty Gold Sack for 80 Una’s Tokens, the most common drop is 200 gold, and the rare drops are the thick gold bar and the thin gold bar. The thick gold bar is worth 1000 gold, a lucky reward. And The thin gold bar is only worth 100 gold, which is basically a loser’s reward.

Small Safe

If players buy a small safe for 200 Una’s Tokens, the most common drop is around 700 gold, and rare drops are the same as the Hefty Gold Sack. They either get a Thick Gold Bar worth 1000 Gold or a Thin Gold Bar worth 100 Gold.

Large Gold Chest

The Large Gold Chest is the most expensive item players can buy with Una’s Token. Players need to spend 500 Una’s Tokens to buy Large Gold Chest, and it takes about 3 weeks to get many Una’s Tokens. If players purchase Large Gold Chest, then the normal will drop an enormous amount of gold. So players better save Una’s Token to get Large Gold Chest.

Best Una’s Task in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, none of Una’s Tasks can be considered universally the best. Players can consider according to their own needs. If they’re trying to find Giant Hearts, the best Una’s Task for them would be one that rewards Giant Hearts and Pirate Coins so they can use those Pirate Coins to buy Giant Hearts from Vendors.

Best Una’s Task to get Giant Hearts:

  • Taking on Tooki
  • Super Secret Materials for a super-secret project
  • Ruffians in the ground

Best quests to get Pirate Coins:

  • Pest Control
  • Sailor Horror Stories
  • Ride like the Wind
  • Playing by the Pirate Rules
  • She drifts, Sea Gifts

The above is a detailed guide to Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark. It can be seen that as long as players complete various types of tasks seriously, they will definitely be able to get rich rewards.

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