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The Promised Neverland Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Information Here

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The rise in the trend of manga series is noteworthy and Japanese anime has a series for each genre. Fans can stream unlimited manga content. Even the production houses are showing interest in producing and creating these series. It is common knowledge that most of the series is adapted from the comic book series and then released as a show. The popularity of the comic book series needs no introduction, so to match its levels, the creators often take their time to launch or renew the series. The anime series usually takes years to renew but that does not seem to be the case with the series ‘The Promised Neverland’.

Release Date: The Promised Neverland Season 2

The show made its debut in 2019 and was renewed for a second season that was initially scheduled to launch in 2021 but was further delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The show wasted no time renewing the series for another season and is all set to return to the screen on January 8, 2021. However, there is no official news on when the show will air on Netflix. The show covered a few chapters of the comic series and is set to cover a few more.

Cast: The Promised Neverland Season 2

The show has

  • Emma illustrated by Sumire Morohoshi and Erica Mendez in English,
  • Norman illustrated by Maaya Uchida and Jeannie Tirado in English,
  • Ray illustrated by Mariya Ise and Laura Stahl in English,
  • Isabella aka Mama illustrated by Yuko Kaida and Laura Post in English,
  • Mujika illustrated by Atsumi Tenezaki,
  • Sonju illustrated by Shinichiro Kamio,
  • Sister Krone illustrated by Nao Fujita and Rebeka Thomas in English,
  • Don is illustrated by Shinei Ueki and Cedric Williams in English.
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Plot: The Promised Neverland Season 2

So far we have seen friends discovering the secret of the orphanage. They started doing what any individual would do after discovering the secret, they all try to escape but they are also the people who have never left the orphanage gat and with Norman not with them it can be even more difficult. They are about to enter a new world and they should discover how to live without their previous life catching up with them. All their lives were in the orphanage and now, with their bubble gone, they have their own obstacles to face. The public that reads the manga series knows what to expect from the second season.

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