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The Ultimate Guide to Window Cleaners: Tips and Tricks for a Spotless Window

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Window cleaners are experts that clean home and business windows and other glass surfaces. They employ specialized equipment and cleaning chemicals to remove dirt, grime, and other residues from windows, leaving them spotless and clear.

Window cleaners may work for cleaning companies, be self-employed, or work for organizations requiring regular window cleaning services. They may work at various heights and locations, using ladders, scaffolding, or other equipment to access windows in high-rise buildings or hard-to-reach areas.

Keep reading if you are tired of your home or office windows being dirty and streaky. Learning skills and techniques will help you become a window cleaning pro. Although window cleaning can be daunting initially, you can consistently achieve perfect shine with the essential tools and techniques.

Safety and Dusting

Window cleaning can be made safer and more effective by following certain precautions and techniques. Safety should not be compromised for clear windows, and various measures such as using anti-slip tape, safety decals, and bread to pick up glass shards can be taken to ensure safety. 

Dusting is also an essential aspect of window cleaning that can promote more transparent windows in the long run. Using compressed air and attaching cleaning cloths to tongs makes dusting easier and more effective. Taking precautions and using proper techniques is essential to ensure safe and effective window cleaning.

Cleaning Solution

Improving the quality of the liquid used in window cleaning is the top do-it-yourself (DIY) tip for achieving better results than store-bought products. The professionals suggest using a mixture of chemical or natural cleaners and some physical effort to get clean windows. 

Additionally, using vinegar and warm water, adding dishwashing liquid for a heavy-duty clean, and using brewed black tea as a substitute for vinegar.

Squeegees and Detailing

Squeegees are valuable tools for cleaning windows and windshields. They effectively reduce streaking and smudging and should be wiped down with a dry towel or newspaper for the best results.

It’s easy to overlook small spots when cleaning, and it recommends going back to check for missed spots. There are several tips for spot cleaning, such as using a toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste, an old rag to remove water from around the edges of the sill, rubbing alcohol to remove adhesive residue, and old dryer sheets for spot cleaning.


Using blackboard dusters and erasers can be a great finishing touch for cleaning windows and removing dust, streaks, and smudges. Keep these tools clean for the best results by purchasing them from stationery or art and craft stores.

Outsourcing window cleaning professionals from window clean Perth WA can save time and effort. Many companies in Perth offer residential window cleaning services to ensure that every window and pane of glass is spotless.

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