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The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Finally Shares An Update After Injuring Himself On The Season 2 Set

It’s hard to consider it, but just like a lot of things throughout the long past 12 months, TV and movie productions have slowed down considerably because of new security measures. The popular Netflix series The Witcher has witnessed its fair share of issues, having to close down more than once due to Covid-19. Now, the Henry Cavill-led series is heading into its second season of production on Season 2, but showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has shared nothing but gratitude in a sweet fresh article.

The showrunner on the Netflix series is often sharing non-spoiler minutes from the set. Earlier this season, she gave fans a look at some of the safety protocols the show has been employing. She has also shared many amusing posts about glancing away from others on set to cram candy down her throat or showing memories from the show. Now, as the series heads into its second year filming Season 2, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich took a moment to reflect.

I am not sure which is more amazing, that photo from the showrunner’s own sentiment concerning the job. Nevertheless, behind the nice post is a group that has been slogging its way through to get Season 2 in front of the lovers’ eyeballs on Netflix sooner instead of later. Since the work keeps going and going and going, the team has even taken to working on Saturdays, as Lauren S. Hissrich noticed in another Twitter article.

It’s worth mentioning that although most shows pick up and leave off around precisely the same time every year, that has not always been true of subscription radio or streaming displays. Together with the big productions in particular believe Outlander, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, etc the real shoots may take much longer. Outlander even has a word for the lengthy gaps between seasons: Droughtlander.

So, as a huge production, The Witcher Season two was always going to take quite a while to shoot. In fact, once the series originally came out in December of 2019, Lauren S. Hissrich was quoted as stating we would not be becoming Season 2 until sometime in 2021 and that could possibly still happen later in the year. But The Witcher Season two has also been dealt with fairly raw hands with filming this next time around.

In reality, it was one of those shows to notably be shut down for months when Covid-19 hit last year. (Henry Cavill seemed OK with all the development, however, building computers and such.) Then, the show was closed down another period after it restarted due to Covid-19. Shooting locations also have had to be shifted and Henry Cavill had to rehabilitate an established injury. So, I think people are fairly understanding if Lauren S. Hissrich were somewhat tetchy at this point. The fact she is so thankful to still be working on the show is really incredible. (Though as far as jobs go, maybe I probably wouldn’t be whining either.

We do know a little bit about what’s coming, as Season 2 apparently gets off to a”bloody start” and now that the Band-Aid has been ripped off and Season 2 is about Season 2, ideally the shoot will continue to go more and more quickly. I have some hopes to get a 2021 premiere, however, we’ll have to wait and watch. After filming, there’s still a great deal of postwork that will need to get carried out. For the time being, check out what is heading to Netflix with our entire program.

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