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Bonding Season 2: Release Date, Cast Trailer And All Latest Updates Here!!

“It is a liberating wonder She is elegant and charming doing a marathon, you can see it in less than three hours”, indicates Lucy Mangan, from The Guardian.

“It is forced by his candid performances and, chapter after chapter, it turns out to be a heartbreaking drama with some sexual jokes added, not the other way around,” says Ed Power of the Irish Times.

This is how the critics referred to the first season of the Bonding series, which premiered on April 26, 2019, and whose second installment arrives this Wednesday, January 27, on the Netflix screen.

The public has also given their version of the series on the FilmAffinity portal. “Here is one of those series that are not completely round, but they hypnotize you with just watching one chapter. This is the case of Bonding, the new Netflix series that immerses us in the world of the Dominatrix in the wrapping of a black comedy with the heart of an intense drama ”, says the Chilean user xanxu on the website.

This original production of the streaming platform stars American actors Zoe Levin, who plays Tiff, and Brendan Scannell, who is Pete.

In the first season, Tiff, in addition to studying Psychology, dedicates himself to working as a dominatrix (she is a woman who takes the dominant role in slavery, discipline, and sadomasochism) and hires her best gay friend, who also studies at the same site, to be your assistant and bodyguard.

During seven episodes of no more than 17 minutes, the history of the series is developed, which will now continue in this new installment that will consist of eight episodes.

“Without any money and unable to work in New York, best friends Tiff and Pete come together to regain their reputation in the erotic world,” exposes the synopsis of the second season.

Bonding is inspired by the experiences of the series creator, Rightor Doyle. In addition, this production was awarded by the public at the Outfest festival in Los Angeles.

Doyle as an actor has worked on the series Barry, You are the worst, among others.

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