There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Kid

It’s time to stop calling children struggling with their behaviour “bad kids”, and we are firm believers in seeing the good when it comes to people or problems in general.

This is problematic because it presents a false dichotomy between good and bad kids, which leads parents to think that they can only help their children if they are good enough or don’t have any problems.

The problem is that there is no such thing as a bad kid. It only leads to complicated personalities. So if you or your kid is having mental health issues, it’s better to consult a doctor. You can also get authentic mental health medications from medambien online.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and these are what make us unique individuals. Some of us may struggle more than others with certain tasks or activities, but this doesn’t mean that we are different from others in general; it just means that we need help or extra support to reach our goals.

Kids are extremely resilient, and you can’t just force them and expect them to grow out of it. Instead, they have to be taught how to behave and need to be allowed to make mistakes so they can learn from them.

The Good, Bad, and the Worst?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but the kid who’s constantly pushing you to play video games and making you feel bad about yourself is not the one you need to worry about. It’s the kid who tells you they love you when they don’t know how to express themselves that you need to worry about.

We all went through it — the age where we were trying so hard to be liked by others, to be perfect in every way, and to find our place in the world. And while there were times when we felt like our parents were right in telling us that we didn’t measure up, they also said to us that everything was fine.

Kids aren’t born with a moral compass; they learn it from us. So we can teach them right from wrong and how to be good kids. 

Is Punishment the way to go?

It’s not that they don’t deserve punishment; they don’t deserve it for doing something wrong.

Kids are not perfect, and they do make mistakes. But we need to stop treating them like adults and start treating them like children again. We must stop saying “no excuses, no breaks” and instead focus on teaching our kids how to learn from their mistakes.

Parenting 101:

You might be a bad parent or a terrible teacher, but even if you are, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s the system that needs fixing.

When it comes to education and health care, we like to think of them as systems in which people are either doing well or failing badly. The truth is that most people are somewhere in between those two extremes, and the real question is how they get there.

Most people get there by doing what they have been told to do by their parents and teachers for their entire lives — and then repeating it for their own kids when they become parents themselves. This means that our children are taught what we think we need to teach them to do well in school (or at least not embarrass us). They learn how to read and write and calculate long division before they know how to draw or play an instrument or dance or sing or play sports well at all — which means that when they finally rebel against us one day, we might’ve had some role in causing it

Should we Label kids?

A kid can be bad and still be a good kid. The problem is that kids get labelled in a certain way based on their behaviour at school, not the type of person they are.

Kids get labelled as “good” or “bad” because most people don’t know the difference between good and bad kids. Kids who act out in class or are disruptive are called “bad kids,” The kids who sit quietly in class and do their work without being told what to do are called “good kids.” But there are

no objective standards for being a good or bad kid because everyone has different ideas about what makes someone good or bad. 

When you label kids as good or bad, you also make it harder for them to find other positive things about themselves and just enjoy being themselves instead of focusing on what other people think about them. You give them an impossible task – trying to live up to your expectations when you don’t even know what those expectations are!

Are kids evil?

It’s a myth that children are born evil, and it’s up to parents to mould them into good people. In fact, kids are not born with a fixed personality. They can be sweet and loving one day, then mean and spiteful the next. They change their behaviour as they get older and learn more about the world around them.

Kids don’t always act out just because they’re having a bad day. Some of their actions are just part of growing up — like becoming more mature with age or learning how to solve problems independently. Of course, kids aren’t perfect, but parents shouldn’t punish them for misbehaviour because that just makes things worse for everyone involved in the situation at hand.


The way we talk about kids and parenting is changing. We can no longer say that children are “defective” or “bad.” We can’t even say they are “difficult” or “challenging” because these words suggest that there is something wrong with the child and not the parent.

Instead, we must talk about how hard it is for parents to raise children with certain traits or behaviours – traits or behaviours that are perfectly normal and expected in normal children. We must understand our own limitations as parents and work hard to help our children succeed in life despite their differences from us.

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