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TheWiSpy Review: An Affordable App to Track Your Kids Messages

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In today’s age, internet security of kids is the priority for parents. The reason behind this is children are revealed to technology at a young age. As a result, they get open access to inappropriate content that can easily disturb their mental health. More importantly, they are accessible to strangers who target teens for bullying. Many cases have shown the impact of cyberbullying among youngsters and how it has destroyed their future.

The solution is to monitor kids’ activities every day to avoid getting them into harmful circumstances. The best way to do it is to use a child monitoring app, but folks hesitate to use this method. Because most spy apps are highly expensive, they offer exceptional services, but the price is not affordable. That’s why we are presenting you THEWISPY, an economical yet best parental control app that you can use to track your children.

TheWiSpy- Introduction

Kids are vulnerable to internet threats such as cyberbullying, sexual predators, and abusers. Parents are not wrong to want extra protection for them. TheWiSpy is useful because it offers advanced features to monitor teen’s online activity on the phone. You will get valuable information about the daily activity of your kids that can help you provide better security for them.

You don’t have to feel guilty about accessing their browser history or reading their texts because, in the end, you’re preventing danger for them. In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting caught because TheWiSpy hides with its advanced stealth mode.

Your target will never find the installed SMS tracker app because the exchange of information is done secretly. With time TheWiSpy has improved its functions and has become a robust spy app for the latest technology devices. No matter how updated the target phone is, TheWiSpy will help you access everything.

How to set up TheWiSpy?

It is a primary step to properly install TheWiSpy on the device you want to spy. There are multiple things to consider; for example, you must check if the cell phone is compatible with the app. People with a less technical background have an advantage because the process is straightforward.

The first thing to do is subscribe to a plan that you can do from the official website. Now start the downloading on the phone. For that, you need physical access to the specific device, and then you can open a browser and use the link to start the installation.

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Then your account will activate. To start getting the information, you need to log in from your device. You are all set up, and now you can begin to spy on your kids’ text messages. You will command from TheWiSpy dashboard, and the app will start processing. Then the fetched data will be uploaded on the online portal, and you can view it from there.

TheWiSpy supported devices:

All android phones, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola models, are supported by TheWiSpy. It is important to check the compatibly of your target phone to enjoy smooth tracking. Check if the device is upgraded to the latest version or at least is above 4.0.

TheWiSpy price plans:

The reason behind the immense popularity of TheWiSpy best parental control app, is the affordable price plans. It offers three reasonable packages. The difference among the following plan is the period and pricing. However, the features and quality results remain constant in all the plans.

Standard plan:

The standard plan contains advanced features of TheWiSpy such as GPS tracking, call spy, SMS spy, and many more. You can get this package in three different subscriptions that are explained below.

  1. $19.99 per month
  2. $49.99 for three months
  3. $79.99 for six months

Premium plan:

The premium plan is right for high-level monitoring because it has remote features. You can change files, block accounts, uninstall apps while sitting remotely. Of course, the advanced features include call recording, camera spy, surround recording, and many more. Here are the different choices for a premium plan.

  1. $29.99 per month
  2. $59.99 for three months
  3. $89.99 for six months

Beginner plan:

The beginner plan is the simple one that is useful for instant spying. However, the child monitoring app has the exact number of exceptional features that will provide quality results. Moreover, it is available for 15-days, so you can get a grip over the app before using it in the long term.

  1. $9.99 for 15-days

TheWiSpy tracking features:

These features are highly effective for parents because it helps them monitor their kids better and provide updates on the latest activities.

Text message tracking:

The SMS tracker app provides an amazing feature that helps folks to spy on text messages. You can see all chats via social media or SMS. In addition, you can block contacts if you find any harasser or stranger in their DMs.

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Call log tracking:

Call tracking feature is common among child monitoring app, but TheWiSpy has advanced functionality. For example, you can view call logs with complete details such as the name, number, and duration of calls. And at the same time, you can record calls carefully without disturbing the ongoing call.

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Social media tracking:

Teens spend a huge part of the day on social media, whether posting or scrolling down on accounts or texting with friends and strangers. The excessive use of such platforms can negatively impact their life, but you as a parent can control that. TheWiSpy offers a social media tracking feature that will update their activity and allow you to restrict app use and block accounts.

GPS tracking:

GPS tracking is the most important part of the best parental control app. It offers the current location of your child anytime you want. You can also view the full-day activity of what places your kid has visited. It helps keeping kids safe, and God forbid if anything happens to them, you can rescue them in time.

Multimedia tracking:

Kids make bad decisions in their innocence as they have zero experience of the bad side of the world. Teens often make nude videos and images to share them with a stranger they started taking or a friend. It can destroy their life, but you can control that with the help of photo spy app. Moreover, you can delete such media from their phones remotely and spy on text messages to block such people.

Web browser tracking:

You can control what your child is approaching on the browser with the help of this feature. TheWiSpy provides permission to parents to view browsed history and block adult websites so kids can’t get access to inappropriate content.


No matter how much a parent avoids expense but when it comes to kid’s security, they’re willing to go around their way to provide it. But you don’t have to bear an expensive SMS tracker app when you have TheWiSpy.

It offers amazing price plans, and you’ll find one under your budget. Keeping in mind of budget, we don’t forget to provide excellent spy results. So don’t compromise on any low-quality app and get TheWiSpy today.

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