Things to Know about free email validator

An email validator is a tool that checks the syntax of an email address and verifies whether it’s valid. It also checks the domain of an email address, confirms its existence, and more.

It has also changed our communication medium with the rapidly growing technological changes and offering in the industry that was once considered imagination.

What is an Email Validator? The email culture took over a long time ago due to the efficiency and effectiveness it brings to communication procedures throughout the globe. This has become important due to the quick delivery of messages and the ability to share information through an email that could consist of information attached and shared in different formats according to the nature of the data being shared.

About Free Email Validator

Free Email Validator is a growing name that people are considering worldwide for daily communication. Despite the fact there are free emailing platforms available on the internet. Free Email Validator login has unique offerings that make them stand out. Not just the ease of saving oneself from the annoying screen advertisements one must go through on emailing platforms. It also offers the ability to be accessed through POP or IMAP.

Free Signup 

Free signup and business email account hosting service for newcomers. It also offers tailored packages according to the need of their customer, which varies in the form of the daily email exchange limit and a storage capacity of as much as 1TB.

Steps for Free Email Validator Sign up and Log in

• All you need to do is sign in from the login portal and click on your avatar. Press “sign up now” after getting access to its official website. This option leads you to the Next Page of Pricing & Sign up. Get a complete overview of pricing plans. Choose a suitable method.

• All the linked email addresses from different platforms will be displayed under the avatar bar on the top right of the page.

• On the contrary, for the business email logins, the host network must complete the setup.

The administrator of the business emails can access the portal through a control panel to monitor the communication being done.

Log in to the free email validator

This is one of the most user-friendly platforms with extended features. It offers Single-sign-on and direct access to all applications using various tables in the same browser. Both personal and organizational users can get access to it.

Login for Control Panel

A super administrator and organization login and approach the Control panel using the official link. Enter your credentials for the email account and contact the control panel. If you are already logged in to your accounts, then at the top of the mailbox, you can click the control panel.

Benefits of Using a Free Email Validator

Email validation is a process that makes sure your email addresses are valid and deliverable. The benefits of using a free email validator include:

  • Reduced spam
  • Improved email deliverability
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Reduced bounce rates

How Does an Email Validator Work?

An email validator is a tool that checks whether an email address is valid. It can also be used to check if an email address is working, meaning it has been set up and can receive emails.

An email validator will perform several checks on your input data:

  • Syntax validation

Does your input meet the syntax requirements for an email address? For example, does it contain at least one @ sign and one dot (.) but no spaces? If so, this step passes; otherwise, it fails, and you need to amend your input before proceeding with domain and SMTP validation.

  • Domain validation

Does your domain name exist as a registered domain name? If so, this step passes; otherwise, it fails, and you need to amend your input before proceeding further with SMTP validation (if necessary).

  • SMTP validation

Does the server accept connections from outside hosts on port 25–the default port used by mail transfer agents –and respond appropriately when sent an EHLO command indicating its willingness to accept messages from unknown sources

  • Syntax Validation

Email syntax validation checks if an email address has the correct syntax. It checks for invalid characters, such as spaces and punctuation marks not allowed in an email address.

Domain Validation

The domain validation checks if an email address has at least one dot between words in the domain name. It also checks if there are no dots between words in this section.

  • SMTP Validation

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard Internet protocol for sending email messages from one computer to another. It uses TCP/IP and port 25, but you can change it. The SMTP server validates the email address by checking whether it’s valid and if there are any errors in your mailbox. If everything checks out, the message will be delivered to your inbox!

  • User Verification

Email verification is a method of confirming the validity of an email address. It helps to confirm customers’ email addresses and prevent spam, phishing, and other types of malicious attacks on your website.

Advantages of Email Validator

There are many advantages to using an email validator. It helps improve deliverability, enhance data quality, and reduce spam.

Paid vs. Free Email Validators

Paid email validators offer more features, but they’re also more expensive. Free email validators are limited in their capabilities and can only be used for basic testing purposes.

If you’re looking for a free email validator, we recommend using the EmailTester tool from MailChimp or the Email Validator tool from Campaign Monitor (which also offers a paid version).

If you want something more advanced with additional features, check out our list of top 5 paid email validation tools here!


Email validation is an essential tool for businesses to ensure the accuracy of their email list, reduce spam and verify the identity of customers. You can access it on IPQS. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re not sending out messages that recipients could consider spam.

Email validator tools are available in many forms, including browser extensions and desktop applications. You can even find free versions online that will check your emails for errors before you send them out!

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