Things You Need to do with Your BFF Once in Your Lifetime

How many of us have made plans with our friends but didn’t enjoy enough? It could be because our friends are counting on us to make it worthwhile, or we depend on them for a fun time. But, unfortunately, we don’t understand that a friendship only works when both parties give their best and are equal.

Friends depend on each other but also are individual human beings. There’s no telling that friends will last forever and ever, but we can make it last by sticking to ethical boundaries. After all, what are friends if they don’t respect and lift each other?

You and your best friend need days where you spend together. To make lasting memories, you must have a day assigned to your best friend so you guys can go out. Like any other relationship, friendship also craves real-time interaction, including many day-outs.

Amusement park shenanigans

As a child, we all remember the crazy amusement park days! When we got to dress up and enjoy the rides. When we ate churros and cotton candy and took pictures in a photo booth, let’s bring that time again, but this time, with our besties.

The thrill of rides, the excitement of photos, the taste of new foods, the sweetness of cotton candy, and the crazy head-spinning rollercoaster have us all whipped for the amusement park. So why not book a day with our BFF and go crazy with the rides for the sake of memories? Even with the sun scorching our heads, an amusement day shenanigan is what you and your bestie needs.


Have you ever been too busy with random things that you can’t find the right time to meet your bestie? We’ve all been there. We can be engaged with the schedules of an important event in our family, or we have many things to do that may prevent us from hanging out with our friends. But no matter what, BFFs always have the time to meet each other.

That is why the term ‘errand-hang’ has been introduced, where you don’t hang out but do your errands while hanging out. So, say, if you want to visit the bank or buy certain stuff for the house, but you miss your best friend, you can call them over for errand-hang, and you both can run errands together.

It feels like adulting stuff because you’re running errands. But, it also shows your dedication to the friendship because you’re thinking of your friend even when you’re busy. That’s some great commitment right there!

Concert Craze

You should not miss out on it if you have not done it. Going to a concert with your best friend is one of the coolest things you can do. The rave of music, fanchant, blaring speakers, and excitement of songs along with your best friend will make the night memorable. Even the preparation for the concert will have you keep remembering after the day passes.

A concert day with your bestie will be full of enjoyment and exhausting squealing. A day like this may be casual, but with a best friend, it will be 10x more entertaining than usual.

Spa Day

If you and your friend like to relax whenever you meet, you must try the spa. Instead of loud music and blaring speakers, you can listen to calming music and settle in a hot jacuzzi. Just reading about a spa experience makes you feel alleviated, right? Just think about it: you and your BFF in a soothing environment, warm hair wash, body massage, and tranquilizing facial… You’re going to have a good time like this.

You should stop thinking too much and book a spa day with your best friend. To get your mind off your day-to-day struggle or your friend’s terrible experience, a spa day is all you need to chill out and calm your mind.

Movie Marathon

This may seem like a pretty basic way to entertain any relationship, but hear us out. You and your best friend go out to get snacks and sweets and come home to select and add the best movies to your playlist. Both of you have dinner and get cozy on the bed or couch with blankets. You turn on the laptop or any device you prefer and turn the movies on to binge-watch all night.

You can binge all night or until one of you falls asleep. Doesn’t it sound like a very relaxing night where you can just put a pause on real life and enjoy the movie time?

We have a feeling you’re expecting us to recommend movies, and we shall do so. You can put on these great movies.

  • Wild Child
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Mean Girls
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Twilight
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary

You can stream these movies for a movie marathon night with your best friend; if you’re unsure where a streaming platform like Youtube TV can be your partner. By the way, if you don’t have access to Youtube TV, you can use a VPN to obtain the right to subscribe to Youtube TV Outside USA.


Once you have completed this ultimate friendship bucket list, you can add more plans to the list. Since your friendship is forever, your checklist should be never-ending. With your best friend’s schedule on paper, you will feel more inclined to spend your precious time with your BFF instead of scrolling on your phones.

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