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todaystopfans byspotify com How to access Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature

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Spotify are back at it again with the stats! The music streaming service has just launched the new Today’s Top Fans feature that tells you who your most played artist is, and what your most listened to song is.

The new feature is a slightly updated version of 2020’s Top 1% of Fans feature, offering users more insight into the songs they’ve played the most, how many hours they’ve listened, and of course, what percent super fan you are based on your listening habits for your top artist.

According to the site, this feature “provides a definitive method to show that you listen to these artists more often than any other fan.” This doesn’t indicate how long you have been listening to an artist. This is a measurement of how many times an artist’s song has been streamed on Spotify.

How to access Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature

To find the Top Fans feature, you’ll need to go to todaystopfans.byspotify.com. The feature can be accessed on desktop or mobile. You will need to log in to the account to access it.

After logging in, you can swipe across to view the stats of your most-played artist.

Then you’ll find:

  • When you started listening to your favorite artist for the first time
  • Your top 3 favorite songs by your top artist
  • The most popular song by your favorite artist and how many times it’s been played.
  • The total hours you spent listening to your favorite artist
  • Your final Top Fan percentage.
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You can also explore the music of more artists you are most passionate about, and get all the same stats as before. If your listening stats are high enough for an artist, however, you won’t get the final super fan percentage.

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